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Cabin Pressure

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Cabin Pressure

The passengers are freaking out in the cabin. Larraine yells at them to stay in their seats with their seatbelts fastened. I have to say, it didn't look like anyone was trying to get up and walk around. Larraine continues to give instructions. Nicole walks through the cabin, checking for seatbelts. Wouldn't the flight attendants be required to strap in, too? Purdy opens his eyes in time to see Nicole walking down the aisle. As she passes, he grabs her arm and prevents her from flying up and hitting the ceiling, as she did in Johnny's vision.

The captain watches helplessly as the descent continues. Larraine and Nicole finally strap into their jump seats. Finally, the ice starts to break up on the wing and flies off. The nose of the plane moves back up to level. The captain announces that he has control again. The ride smoothes out and the lights stop flashing. The captain radios the air-traffic controller to get his landing instructions. Johnny unbuckles his belt. The captain looks over and starts to apologize for some of his earlier comments. Johnny tells him not to worry about it, but adds that he's going to hold the captain to that free upgrade coupon. Who was that masked man? The co-pilot enters the cockpit as Johnny leaves.

Johnny returns to his seat. He and Purdy share a look and Johnny smiles. Back in the cockpit, the co-pilot points out that the right engine is vibrating, and that it would have seized at max power. The captain gets it. He makes an announcement apologizing to the passengers for the turbulence, explaining that they had an emergency situation that is now resolved. The passengers all applaud. I know that seems cheesy, but I was on a really bumpy flight over the Great Lakes during a storm, and we also applauded on landing. Relief brings out the cheese in all of us, I guess. As the applause dies out, Prof wakes up. I refuse to believe that he slept through all that. At the very least, you'd think his wife would have woken him up to say she loves him in case they died. The plane lands safely as we go to credits.

On the next episode: there's some sort of government conspiracy, and it involves an invisible man.

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