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Johnny leaves the restaurant and spots Natalie walking into the bookstore. Johnny follows her in. There is a book signing going on for a dude named "Dr. Lawrence" and I assume it's supposed to be mocking Dr. Phil, which is just wrong. Don't mock my Dr. Phil. ["Word! He's just trying to teach us all life strategies, yo!" -- Wing Chun] Dr. Lawrence has written a book called What Women Really Want, and Dr. Phil would never presume to know that, so step off, writers! Some woman is crying and telling Dr. Lawrence how she ate a chocolate cake and blamed her inner self. Johnny seems amused by the whole thing. He spots Natalie pulling some books off the shelf and Scooby-Doos his way over there. What? Scooby-Doo is a verb meaning, "To sneak your way from one place to the next while hiding behind various objects along the way, even if said objects have no hope of hiding you, because they are too small or the wrong shape." You know what I'm talking about. Natalie spots Johnny and walks over, so he grabs a book and tries to act casual. Unfortunately, he grabbed Dr. Lawrence's book. Natalie makes a joke about a fifty-year-old man telling her what she wants.

Johnny asks Natalie what she's reading, but Dana interrupts them. At least I think it's Dana. Did she have plastic surgery or something since the last episode in which she appeared? Because she looks totally different. I half-expected a voice-over saying, "On tonight's episode, the character of Dana is being played by some other random actress" like they do on soaps sometimes. She explains that she's writing an article about Dr. Lawrence for the paper, and she notices that Johnny is still holding the book. Johnny stammers awkwardly and Dana tells Natalie, "Even if he is a psychic, he's still a man and they can all use a little help." Shut up, Dana. I like the character, so why do they have to go and make her sexist? Dana introduces herself to Natalie and asks if they are on their first date. Johnny looks like he wishes the floor would open up and swallow him. Natalie asks what Dana meant about Johnny being a psychic. Dana didn't realize that Natalie didn't know. Johnny tries to explain, but Dana cuts to the chase and explains that Johnny can see things about people when he touches them. Dana realizes that Natalie is probably skeptical, because she was too, but assures her that Johnny is the real deal, and has saved Dana's life.

While Natalie takes this all in, Dr. Lawrence arrives and Dana tries to get Johnny's book signed. Johnny tries to blow him off, but Dana isn't having it. Johnny doesn't want to shake hands, for obvious reasons. Dr. Lawrence apparently knows all about Johnny, due to Dana, including his "intimacy problems." Natalie overhears the whole thing. Dr. Lawrence continues to talk to Johnny in a familiar way while signing the book, and Johnny notices, out of the corner of his eye, that Natalie is leaving the store. Johnny practically runs out of the store, blowing off Dana and Dr. Lawrence in the process. Wow, he really does want to get laid!

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Dead Zone




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