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Johnny spots Natalie walking down the street, alone. He catches up when she pauses to check out the display window at a travel agency. Natalie sees Johnny's reflection in the window and asks if he's following her. They start talking about their travel dreams. Natalie says she's always wanted to pack up and just go somewhere, like the Amalfi Coast in Italy. That's important later. Natalie starts walking, and Johnny joins her, but not before asking if he may, which was nice. Natalie points out that Dana seems to think Johnny's pretty cool, and Johnny says that their thing is in the past. Natalie asks Johnny how the psychic thing works. Johnny says he hates the word "psychic" and gives his whole "most people only use 10% of their brains and my accident allows me to use some of the other 90%" speech. They reach an intersection and Johnny pointedly takes a right, trying to lead Natalie to the streetlight he saw in his vision. Natalie asks what kinds of things Johnny sees, and Johnny says they are mostly bad thing, and mostly in the future, but sometimes good, and sometimes in the past. Natalie thinks that would be difficult, and Johnny agrees that it's not what he imagined for his life. Natalie realizes that Johnny touched her in the restaurant and asks what he saw. Johnny assures her that it was nothing bad.

Natalie and Johnny have reached the streetlight that Johnny saw in his kissing vision. Johnny start to tell Natalie about his vision, as he makes sure that they are both in the correct positions. Natalie asks what happened next, and Johnny says that she kissed him. Natalie thinks this whole thing is some sort of pick-up line. Johnny assures her that it's not, and that all of his visions have a purpose, so he had to follow her and find out what the purpose was. They continue to flirt over whether she's going to kiss him. Johnny tells her that the nearby streetlight is going to flicker on and off shortly, and that's when they will kiss. They both stare at the streetlight for a few beats, and then just as Natalie says that the whole thing is ridiculous, the streetlight starts to flicker. Natalie turns and stares at Johnny with wonder and then slowly kisses him...on the cheek. Johnny says that wasn't the kiss he saw in his vision, and leans down and kisses her, lightly at first, and then with more passion. Yeah, Johnny!

And then Natalie hauls off and slaps Johnny across the face! Whoa! Did not see that coming. Natalie says she doesn't know why she did that. She asks Johnny if he saw a vision that time, but before he can answer, a guy walks up and asks them for the time. Um, hello? They are a little busy right now? Johnny says that it's 9:30. The guy commands Johnny to hand over his watch. Ah, so that's why he was so nosy. Mugger pulls out a gun and yells at Johnny and Natalie to look at the ground and not at him. They comply. Johnny hands over his wallet and Natalie hands over her purse. And then Mugger just shoots Natalie in the chest. Damn! Natalie falls to the ground. Mugger turns and aims the gun at Johnny's face, then pulls the trigger.

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Dead Zone




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