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It's time for Dana to interrupt. Johnny introduces Dana and Natalie with their full names. Dana smiles and says she needs to borrow Johnny for a second. He protests, but she pulls him away. Johnny makes Natalie promise not to go anywhere. Natalie watches as Dana introduces Johnny to Dr. Lawrence, but then she wonders aloud, "How did he know my name?" Yeah, I was wondering if she would notice that. Johnny gets his book signed. Natalie throws her books back on the shelf (and as a former bookstore employee, I'm annoyed that she put them back in the wrong spot) and starts to walk out. Johnny realizes she's gone and runs off.

Johnny spots Natalie walking down the street, and Mugger walking behind her. Mugger asks Natalie for the time. She says she doesn't have it, and he pulls out his gun. Just then, Johnny pulls up in his Jeep and yells to Natalie to get in. She hesitates for a moment but finally leaps into the car and Johnny peels out. Natalie is, understandably, freaking out. Johnny tells her to stay down. Natalie realizes that Mugger and his Accomplice are following in their own car. Johnny drives evasively (which means taking turns really fast) and yells at Natalie to put her seatbelt on. Johnny pulls in somewhere and stops, and Mugger flies right by in his car. The shot widens to reveal that Johnny has parked in a used-car lot. Once he is sure Mugger is gone, he pulls back out onto the street and heads in the opposite direction. Natalie hugs Johnny in celebration as Johnny pulls out his phone and calls Walt. Do you think Walt ever gets sick of being Johnny's beck-and-call boy? Especially given the whole Sarah thing? Why don't they just go ahead and make Johnny a cop so he can just arrest people? Although that might be a problem, because of the whole due process thing. Stupid Constitution. I don't think the Founding Fathers thought about psychics.

Johnny pulls up to Natalie's hotel. Natalie's adrenalin has worn off, and she seems quite shaken. Johnny assures her that Walt will arrest Mugger and Accomplice. Natalie thanks Johnny for saving her life. Johnny reminds her that she was supposed to wait for him back at the bookstore. Natalie pauses a moment and then admits that she lied to him about the "friend," like, who didn't know that? Johnny guesses that her boyfriend is a "handsome insurance agent." Natalie admits it, and adds that that she hasn't said yes to his proposal yet. They draw closer together, and Johnny says there's something he needs to tell her. Then, Mugger and Accomplice pull up beside them. Mugger aims the gun and shoots. Johnny snaps out of the vision, and he's still back at the bar, helping Natalie recover her spilled purse. Natalie asks if he's okay, and Johnny says that he is, but he's clearly not.

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Dead Zone




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