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Stemple suddenly gets all serious and says it can't wait. Johnny gets suspicious and opens the door a little wider. Stemple walks towards Natalie and pulls out a gun. Holy crap! Stemple! Natalie asks what he's doing. Stemple says something about how if you want it done right, you have to do it yourself. Natalie tries to stall by asking for more explanation. Stemple is pissed that she came on this trip, because he could have covered his ass if it had just been the three male employees, but Natalie is too smart. Natalie tells him that whatever he did, it's not worth killing someone. Stemple isn't convinced. He asks for the files again. Johnny creeps up behind Stemple and dive-tackles him. The two men crash through the window and fall many stories to the ground. Just as they hit, Johnny snaps out of his vision.

Johnny is back at the bar, but this time he was very affected by his vision, and seems quite shaken and confused. Natalie asks if he's okay, and Johnny can't believe he has to go through all this again. Johnny spots Stemple talking on the phone, probably to Mugger and Accomplice. Johnny jumps up and punches Stemple square in the face, knocking him out. The other two guys try to grab Johnny. Bruce runs up and asks what's going on, as does Natalie.

Cut to Mugger, Accomplice, and Stemple being loaded into cop cars. Natalie is shocked. She asks if this is really all about the McKinsey files. Walt says that if they had found out the fire claim they are auditing was arson, "[Stemple] had a few million dollars' worth of motive." Natalie asks Johnny if he really saved her life because of a vision. Johnny says that's about it. Natalie asks what else he saw. Johnny doesn't want to say.

Cue the montage! Johnny goes through all of the scenes we've already seen in the episode, explaining to Natalie what happened in each one. They laugh a lot. They end up in Natalie's hotel room, as Johnny shows her where he tackled Stemple and fell out the window. Natalie says she's never met anyone else like Johnny, who replies that it's not the first time she's said that. Natalie asks what they were doing in her room before Stemple showed up. Johnny responds by kissing her, and then they start doing it.

Some time later, Johnny wakes up alone in the bed. He gets up and looks for Natalie. She's in the bathroom, sitting on the floor, crying. She's also talking to her boyfriend.

And then Johnny is back at the bar. He looks over at Natalie, and makes a decision. He sees a photo from Natalie's purse sitting on the bar -- a picture of Natalie and Handsome Insurance Agent. Johnny picks it up and has a vision of the couple, with two kids, eating ice cream cones. Natalie looks really, really happy. Johnny snaps out of it and orders another glass of wine. Johnny stares at Natalie and she asks what's up. Johnny says he reminds her of someone. Natalie asks if it's an old girlfriend, and Johnny says that's not exactly it. Bruce walks up and says that their table is ready. Johnny gets up, but first stops and tells Natalie that she should marry the guy, because he'll make her very happy. Natalie is startled and asks what Johnny said. Johnny tells her to marry the Handsome Insurance Agent, but make sure he takes her to the Amalfi Coast for their honeymoon. Does she get no say in where the honeymoon is? Johnny calls out to Stemple, "Catch you later, pal." Bruce asks what that was all about. Johnny promises to tell him in a minute, but first he has to call Walt. Johnny calls Walt, and allows himself one last look at Natalie.

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