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Johnny pops out of the vision and runs down to the CDC. lab. Navarro is pissed that Johnny just exposed her whole team to the virus. Johnny ignores her and grabs The Big Book of Nasty Stuff. He holds a section of pages and divines which page to look at. He points to something on the page and tells Navarro that it's her virus. Pratt reads the name of the virus aloud. Navarro says there's no cure for that virus. Johnny writes Chloroquine on the board and explains that there have been survivors of the virus in China. Before he can finish, Johnny collapses onto the floor.

We fade up on a hospital room. Johnny is lying in the bed, just waking up. He sees Walt, Sarah, and J.J. sitting there. Johnny grabs J.J., who is right next to the bed, in a huge hug. J.J. seems a little taken aback. Walt hugs Johnny too. Aw. Walt says that Johnny's been unconscious for three days. Pratt explains that the CDC was able to administer Chloroquine and stop the virus, thanks to Johnny's assistance. Sarah nudges J.J., who shyly thanks "Mr. Smith" too. Johnny tells J.J. to call him Johnny. Walt says he knows what J.J.'s science fair project will be next year, and then supplies, "Skydiving!" Everyone laughs. Sarah silently mouths "thank you" to Johnny, who smiles back and nods.

Next week: Johnny hooks up with a lady, and starts having visions that they are both going to be killed.

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Dead Zone




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