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Two boys sneak out of the gym and head for the outside doors. Johnny blocks their way and tells them that they can't go that way. One of the boys boldly proclaims that they can go whatever way they want, and tries to go around Johnny, but touches him in the process. Johnny goes into a vision that we don't see at first, and says that the boy should be at his booth. The boy backs off, and we see what Johnny sees -- that the boy will also be infected with the virus.

Walt meets up with his deputies at the school's entrance and instructs them to block off all entrances and exits, and not to let anyone in or out. Deputy Roscoe (which is a hilarious character name for a deputy, and it would make me really happy if the other Deputy was named Enos) is all joke-y and says Walt should ask Johnny what's going to happen. Walt gives him The Look, and Roscoe realizes that all this is because Johnny has had a vision. Walt tells Roscoe not to let anyone in but the Health Inspector, and leaves.

Johnny walks around the gym, trying to find out more about his vision. He has a quick vision of two men in paper suits and rebreather masks walking through the gym. When Johnny snaps out of it, he notices that people are looking at him strangely and whispering. Outside, people are beginning to arrive to attend the Science Fair. Inside, Walt tells Johnny that everything is locked down. Johnny explains that he's trying to get a better grip on what he's seeing, but so far all he knows is that the kids are going to get really sick.

Teacher (a.k.a. Bubble Girl's mom) comes over and asks if there's something going on. Walt tells her that it's just a drill. Teacher laughs, and then says that when people see Walt talking to Johnny, they assume the worst. Teacher laughs nervously, and her cell phone rings. She steps away to answer it. It's her husband, who is stuck outside with a small crowd of people. He asks what's going on, and why they won't let him in, and adds that they've been told that the school is having a lockdown drill. Teacher repeats, "Lockdown?" and Walt overhears. Walt tells Teacher they need to talk privately. Teacher tells her husband she'll find out what's going on, and hangs up. Teacher and Walt walk off. Johnny looks around the gym and sees that many other people's cell phones are ringing. Stupid cell phones! They keep the police from lying to people!

Out in the hall, Walt explains to Teacher that he needs her cooperation. She protests that he can't lock down the school without permission from the principal. Um, he's the sheriff? I think he can do it without a note from his mommy, especially if there is a public health risk. Walt tells Teacher just that -- there's a public health risk.

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Dead Zone




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