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Johnny walks around the deserted science fair. He touches Bubble Girl's booth and has a vision of Bubble Girl blowing the bubbles, and then she morphs into a very sick version of herself. Johnny snaps out of it and tells Pratt about the bubbles, and how he got the visions when he touched them. Johnny wonders if the bubble formula is toxic. Pratt says it's just "glycerin and dishwashing detergent," which actually kills germs instead of harboring them. Johnny asks if the viral agent could be the breath inside the bubbles. Pratt considers it, but says it's not likely. Johnny asks if it's possible, and Pratt admits that it is.

Pratt and Johnny arrive at the Bubble Girl's house. Mr. Teacher answers and says they've got everything under control. Teacher runs up and says she knew something was wrong. Johnny asks if Bubble Girl is sick. Mr. Teacher tries to get rid of them, but Teacher admits that her daughter has a fever. Pratt asks if he can take a look at her, because he's a doctor.

Pratt checks Bubble Girl's temperature, which is 101 degrees. Mr. Teacher thinks it's not that serious, but Teacher says Johnny wouldn't be there if it weren't serious. Mr. Teacher thinks they are scaring Bubble Girl, but she thinks the whole thing is cool. Pratt asks if any of her friends are sick, or if she's been in contact with any animals recently. Bubble Girl laughs at the animal question. Pratt says he's going to take a swab from inside Bubble Girl's mouth, and does, and then instructs her to eat plenty of chicken soup. Johnny pulls Pratt aside and asks if that's all he's going to do. Pratt says he plans to run tests and find verifiable results. Johnny asks Bubble Girl how she feels, and asks if he can feel her head. Doing so sends him into another vision, and this one is of Amy's babysitter making out with her boyfriend. They pull apart, and the boyfriend fires up a blunt, which causes the scene to morph into the same boyfriend smoking a blunt with his friend. Cut to the friend outside another house, where he buys the pot from a coughing dealer. Johnny focuses on the street address of the coughing dealer's house, which is 3612 Haskell Street. Johnny snaps out of it and whips out his cell phone to call Walt. He also advises Mr. and Mrs. Teacher to take Bubble Girl to the hospital.

Walt and a team of cops bust into the home of the drug dealer (Rob). Walt orders everyone to get down on the floor, and he walks through the house until he finds Rob lying in his bed, coughing violently. Johnny walks in and confirms that they have the right guy, as if that weren't obvious from the fact that Rob is coughing and pale and sweaty. Walt's cell phone rings. It's Sarah, and she's at the hospital with J.J., who fainted after breakfast and now he's running a fever. Sarah adds that the hospital is filled with sick kids from J.J.'s school. Walt hangs up and says that he's taking Rob to the hospital with him. Johnny asks if J.J. is okay, and Walt relays Sarah's news, and adds, "Whatever it is, it's started." Pratt is starting to look a little convinced.

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Dead Zone




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