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As soon as Walt, Johnny, and Pratt arrive at the hospital, they see that the E.R. is full of sick kids. Pratt whips out his cell phone and calls the CDC. Walt and Johnny run into J.J.'s room. J.J. is hooked up to an I.V. as Sarah holds a compress to his forehead. Sarah says that he still has a fever, so they are giving him fluids and Tylenol. Walt thinks they should be doing more, and Sarah says J.J. is too weak for anything stronger, and they have to figure out what's causing the illness. Johnny says he's working on it, and Walt adds that they just brought in someone who might be able to "fill in the blanks." Johnny says he's going to check on Rob. Sarah runs after him and begs him to touch J.J. and tell her if he'll be okay. Walt tells her she can't ask that. Sarah basically tells Walt to fuck off and says that Johnny can change what he sees. Johnny says that if he saw the worst, he doesn't know what he'd do. Johnny leaves as Walt comforts a sobbing Sarah. J.J. opens his eyes a little bit, clearly having listened to the whole thing.

Johnny walks into the hospital conference room, where Pratt has set up a white board to track what they know about the virus. Johnny asks what is the next step, and Pratt says they need to "isolate and identify." A woman in a hazmat suit enters and introduces herself as Rita Navarro from the CDC. Pratt introduces himself, and Navarro says she'll want to know everything, but first she needs to get cultures from everyone, including Johnny and Pratt.

Johnny, Pratt, and Walt enter Rob's hospital room. Walt tosses a bag of heroin on Rob's chest and explains that it's "China White" and they found it under Rob's bed. It's funny to hear Walt talk about drugs because he's such a square. Johnny points out that a lot of flu viruses start in China. Pratt explains that the drugs couldn't have carried the virus, and that they need a live carrier. Walt asks who brought Rob the heroin. Rob plays dumb, and Walt grabs his shirt and threatens him. Johnny gets Walt to calm down, and asks to try. There's a whole show of Johnny handing off his cane to Walt just so that Rob can make a caning joke. Johnny grabs Rob's arm and goes into a vision of a beautiful Asian woman, naked. Johnny murmurs each thing he sees out loud, and Rob becomes more and more interested. She walks away from Rob, who is sitting on a bed. She gets dressed in a flight attendant's uniform. That's the last thing Johnny says out loud. Then she's looking in the mirror, very sick. Then she's dead. Johnny drops Rob's arm and apologizes. Rob asks what he's sorry about, and when Johnny says they are too late, he says that the woman's name is Tori and she's a flight attendant for Eastern Pearl Airlines. Johnny doesn't seem to want to say anything until Rob calls him a freak, and then Johnny says calmly that Tori is dead. Pratt orders Rob taken to isolation.

Navarro, Walt, Johnny, and Pratt are in the morgue. A body bag is unzipped to reveal Tori, the Eastern Pearl flight attendant. Pratt says that they have their first fatality. Navarro says that they have to talk.

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Dead Zone




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