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In a lab, Johnny flips through The Big Book of Nasty Stuff. He comes upon a picture of flesh-eating bacteria, which is super-grody, and slams the book shut. Pratt says that the virus originated in China, and Navarro says that they know. Johnny wonders how they knew. Navarro explains that after Johnny's "initial inquiry," they issued "an infectious disease bulletin looking for any other E.R. admissions with similar symptoms." It seems that there are sixteen other cases in the Northeast, four in critical condition, and two fatalities. Navarro says all of the cases can be traced back to the same flight that Dead Tori was on. Johnny asks what that means for J.J. Navarro says that time is not on their side. Johnny notices some lab techs injecting mice with Dead Tori's blood. Navarro says they need to isolate and identify the virus before they can treat it. Johnny asks how long that will take. Pratt says it took thirty-four days to isolate SARS, and that was super-fast. Johnny says that the kids who are currently infected don't have a month to wait. Navarro says it's not just the kids; anyone who could have been infected is under quarantine, including Johnny and Pratt. Johnny says there must be something he can do, and Navarro advises him to pray that they get lucky.

Johnny goes back to see J.J. again. The hospital hallways are much busier now that more and more sick kids are being brought in. J.J. is in a plastic tent, and a nurse is drawing blood from his arm. Walt and Sarah stand nearby, waiting. The nurse's beeper goes off and she rushes away, leaving the blood sample behind. Johnny tells Walt and Sarah to go get something to eat while he watches J.J. Walt points out that Sarah hasn't eaten since breakfast, and Sarah reluctantly agrees to go. Once Walt and Sarah are gone, Johnny unzips J.J.'s tent and leans down to whisper, "I love you." Johnny looks around and sees that he's still alone in the room, so he takes J.J.'s hand. Johnny goes into a vision of Sarah and Walt crying next to J.J.'s dead body. Johnny snaps out of it, freaked out. He spots the vial of J.J.'s blood. Johnny picks up the vial and a syringe, and injects himself with J.J.'s blood while repeating, "It's my son!" That would be really shocking if they hadn't totally ruined it in the promos. I waited for that scene all episode and it shows up now, at the very end of the third act? Boo.

Walt and Sarah walk in and ask Johnny what he's doing. Pratt rolls up and asks what's doing. Walt shows Pratt the empty vial. Sarah and Walt are astounded. Johnny says he knows it seems crazy, but one of the clearest visions he had came after a blood transfusion. Pratt asks what happens now, and Johnny says that they have to wait until the infected blood reaches his dead zone.

Johnny falls back on a gurney and goes into a vision. A crash team tries to revive him, and shocks his heart. Pratt, Walt, and Sarah watch in non-vision land as Johnny's body jumps and arcs on the gurney. Back in vision land, the crash team gives up and pronounces Johnny dead. The guy calling the death sounds like Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons. Worst. Code Blue. Ever. Cut to the morgue. Johnny watches his own body being autopsied, which is pretty fucking creepy. The coroner says that the virus had spread to all of the major organs. Now Johnny is in the hospital conference room and he sees the word Chloroquine written on the whiteboard. Navarro shows up and announces something about the Chinese scientists realizing that the only people who were surviving the virus were those who were also being treated for malaria, so Chloroquine, an anti-malaria medication, proved to stop the virus.

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Dead Zone




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