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Playing God

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Playing God

After the credits, Johnny's vision begins. He sees two guys in scrubs carrying an organ donation cooler. Jason is on the operating table. His heart stops. The surgeon shocks him and he comes back, and then the surgeon announces, "Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner. Prep for close." Vision Johnny smiles and turns, and then the scene fades back to Johnny's basement, where Johnny tells Jason what he saw. Wouldn't you want to keep the vision going until you saw Jason actually wake up from surgery? Maybe I'm paranoid because I just watched the episode of ER where Benton nearly killed the baby because he thought her liver capsule was a piece of fiber and rubbed it off, when all Keaton told him to do was close up. Jason can't believe it, but he's happy and asks if Johnny knows what it means. Johnny guesses that it's "keg time," and Jason agrees.

"We Got the Beat" plays as we pan across a library. Heh. Get it? Library? The Breakfast Club? Anyway, Jason and pals are having a party in the library. Jason is doing a lot of drinking, which doesn't seem like a good idea what with his bum ticker and all. Jason stands up on the DJ stand and makes a speech about how he paid for the party. There are a lot of weird shots of Johnny and Kate responding to the speech. Weird. Also, Bitchface Erin still has bitchface. Jason concludes by saying it's not a reunion but a party, and everyone cheers. The DJ launches into "I Ran" by A Flock of Seagulls, and I guess they couldn't spring for Simple Minds, which would have been a lot more appropriate.

After talking to Jason for a minute, Johnny ducks out into the hallway. Kate notices and follows, finding Johnny sitting on the stairs. She makes some statement about high-school friends reuniting that sounds more like a pitch for a movie than anything else. Kate thanks Johnny for what he did for Jason, and admits that Jason told her. Kate says Jason had to tell her because she urged him to see Johnny in the first place.

Jason finds Bitchface Erin and asks her to at least pretend to enjoy herself. Erin demands that he tell her what is going on, and what Johnny told him. Jason asks if there's a rule against having fun. Erin points out that Jason is sick. Jason asks if they're going to resume divorce talks if he gets a new heart, since she only wanted to work things out when she thought he needed an operation. He says she is there for the bad times, but he wonders if she'll be there for the good times. Erin makes Even Bitchier Face and then asks, "Since when did you like to spend your good times with me?" Ah, so she may be a bitchface, but he is a Rich Philandering Asshole. And I should care about them why, exactly?

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Dead Zone




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