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Playing God

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Playing God

Johnny arrives at the hospital, and Kate fills him in on Jason's collapse after lunch at the hotel. They join Bitchface Erin, who asks an exiting doctor if her husband is okay. The doctor wants to talk privately, but Erin says it's okay if Johnny and Kate hear it. The doctor says that Jason is currently stable, but that his heart is deteriorating and they can only keep it going for a short time, so she's moved Jason up to Status One on the transplant list. Johnny asks how much time they have, and the doctor says Jason needs a viable organ within twenty-four hours. Damn, that is a rapid deterioration, since the dude was dancing and drinking the night before. Erin starts sobbing, like she cares, and Kate comforts her. Johnny looks uncomfortable.

Johnny tries to call Purdy, but he's not in. Bitchface Erin comes out and says that Jason is awake and asking for Johnny.

When Johnny walks into Jason's room, Jason is all bitter and accuses Johnny of lying to him about his future. Erin loses the bitchface for a second and asks what Jason is talking about. Jason tells Erin what happened, and the bitchface is back. She asks Johnny what he did to her husband. Johnny says that Jason asked him to do it. Jason says he asked for the truth, which Johnny insists he gave. Jason thinks Johnny gave Jason a positive spin so that he wouldn't kill himself. Kate and Erin are both shocked to hear that Jason was thinking of suicide. Jason says that by "women and drugs," he didn't mean "nurses and morphine." Johnny starts to leave. Jason calls him back and tells Johnny that with his coat and his cane, he looks like death on three legs. Kate tells Jason to shut up. Jason turns on her and accuses her of orchestrating this whole thing just to have an excuse to see Johnny again. Jason asks if Johnny was worth it, and Kate turns and walks out. Johnny follows. Erin makes some more bitchface.

Johnny calls out to Kate to wait up. Kate thinks that Jason is right, but Johnny says that Jason is just scared. Kate admits that she did pressure Jason to call him. Johnny says he didn't have to grant Jason's wish. Kate says they all knew Johnny would do it, and that she didn't think of the consequences of her actions, but followed her heart. Johnny hugs her to comfort her, and goes into another vision. In this one, he and Kate are having an argument. Kate runs out of Johnny's house and gets into her car, and then gets into the fatal accident. Johnny snaps out of it. Kate asks why Johnny lied to Jason. Johnny says he didn't. Kate asks if he still sees Jason getting a heart, and Johnny says that he does. Kate holds Johnny's hand to her own heart and says she's going to go back, because Jason needs her. She tells Johnny that Jason needs him, too. Johnny promises to return after he takes care of something. He kisses Kate on the forehead. Aw, they are a cute couple. I always liked Ally Sheedy and her pointy chin.

Johnny talks to Purdy on his cell phone. Johnny insists that he can save Kate by just avoiding a fight with her tonight. Purdy admits that he has a possible match for Jason in Philadelphia. The heart was just harvested, and can be there in two hours. Johnny thinks that is great news. Purdy tells Johnny all about the woman who was originally supposed to get the Philadelphia heart, and who will now probably die. Of course, she's practically a saint and not, like, Mickey Mantle or someone who would just die anyway in a few months. Purdy says he doesn't think he can go through with this. Johnny asks if there are other matches, and Purdy points out that for every match, there is another name. Johnny tells Purdy to call him if they find another match, and hangs up.

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