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The Combination
eople about his visions? Hey, maybe that means that if he shuts up about the world ending, everything will be fine. Cool, we can all go home early. G'night everybody! Johnny goes on to wonder if maybe changing his prophecy will change what happens. Bruce translates that as lying, but Johnny says, "Maybe believing in a lie is better than knowing the truth." Bruce says that's a scary thought.

It's finally time for the big match. Danny and Tibbs weigh in. The fighters trade the customary pre-fight taunts, and a pre-fight fight starts when Tibbs says he'll comfort Danny's widow after the match. Johnny hurries over to push the guys apart, and gets another flash of his vision. Nothing changes in the vision, but afterwards Johnny starts screaming, "Ooo, he's going down!" The reporters get all excited, and Johnny says that Tibbs is going to lose. Jimmy D. interrupts and says that Johnny is a fraud. Danny stares into space wonderingly. Or else he's caught Johnny's habit of not blinking.

The ESPN guys talk about how there are paramedics and a neurosurgeon at the fight, and ask Jimmy D. whether he's gone overboard. They also mention that Johnny has changed his prediction. Jimmy D. says, "I admit [that] the gentleman's prognostications have proven a tad capricious." I think I love him. Jimmy D. wanders off to talk to Tibbs, and one of the reporters says, "There goes a guy who's never at a loss for words." The other reporter wonders if Danny's feeling better after the changed prediction. Gee, ya think?

Danny, the coach, Helena, and other folk are gathered in the locker room. Danny asks Johnny what happened in the new vision, but Johnny keeps it vague. Helena kisses Danny, and thanks Johnny on her way out. As she touches his arm, Johnny sees her jumping up in horror as Danny is knocked out. She leaves, and Danny tosses jackets with "Avila" on them to Johnny and Bruce. As Johnny catches the jacket, he gets another vision. Okay, okay, he gets it! Jeez. Danny asks everyone to leave him alone with Johnny for a minute. He shadowboxes for a minute and then says, "It's all a crock, isn't it?" He knows Johnny is lying. Johnny denies it, but Danny holds up his hands and asks Johnny to look again. Johnny reluctantly grabs Danny's hands and sees the same footage again. This reminds me of an Outer Limits episode where they showed the same five minutes over and over and over again because some aliens were messing with time or something. Anyway, Johnny comes out of the vision and insists that Danny is going to knock Tibbs out. He says, "I see that you're going to do this, and I see that it's going to happen." He adds,"You gotta believe," and wiggles his eyebrows to emphasize that part. Maybe it would have been better if Johnny predicted something incorrect on purpose, and then Danny would think he was a fraud, and wouldn't have worried about it.

Commercials. Isn't Open Range just Unforgiven without the postmodernism?

On his way out to the ring, Johnny moans that he lied to Danny. Bruce, confused, says he thought that was the plan. Johnny says nothing has changed, and that maybe Danny didn't believe it. Bruce wonders if maybe Johnny has to believe it, too. I hope I don't have to believe it, because they're one inch away from clapping their hands for Tinkerbell. Bruce snaps, "It's not a lie! It's hope! And like my dad used to say, what makes hope a reality is faith." On that note, Johnny looks down the hall and sees the creepy guy at the end of the hall. Then the creepy guy vanishes. Bruce says that Johnny has done all he can, and now he needs faith: "In yourself. And Danny Avila."

Men hit each other. What a silly sport. The commentators commentate. Jimmy D. smokes a cigar. The round ends, and a bikini-clad chick holds up a sign indicating it's Round 6. Oh great, another montage. Time passes. I order a pizza. It's Round 10. Danny ain't doing so well. And finally, we get to Round 12.

The commentators says that Danny needs a knockout to win, and mention Johnny's prediction. The coach argues with Danny about a cut over his eye, and whether or not he needs a doctor. Johnny stares at Danny meaningfully. Danny insists that he's going back out. Johnny nods once, very emphatically. Danny rushes into the ring and pounds on Tibbs for a while. Tibbs lands a couple of punches that shove Avila back, and then starts the deadly combination. Danny blocks one punch with his arm, but still takes the left to his temple. Danny collapses. The crowd cheers. Well, mostly. Helena cries Johnny looks down sadly. The coach frets. The referee starts counting, and when he gets to six, Danny blinks and starts to get up. Johnny smiles as Danny goes back on the offensive against Tibbs. And then men hit each other. I guess it's exciting or something. Danny's got Tibbs on the ropes, literally, when Tibbs is saved by the bell, also literally. Hugs and whoops are given. Bruce kisses the coach. On the cheek. Odd. Tibbs marches out the winner, but Danny looks pretty happy about the whole still-breathing thing. Johnny makes a fist and makes a "grrr" face at Danny in a supportive way, which is pretty funny if you pause the tape at the right moment. One of the commentators says, "I don't know about you, but Danny Avila has made a believer out of me." A believer in anything in particular, or just everything in general? Jimmy D. gives Johnny a mean look. Johnny looks mean right back at him. The commentators spew more clichés.

After the fight, Johnny and Bruce watch the crew cleaning up the ring as they discuss how much they can get for their "Avila" jackets on eBay. Bruce asks what the turning point was for Danny. Johnny doesn't know, and philosophizes, "You change one detail, and all life changes. Do you think that one detail can just be you, and what you're willing to believe?" Bruce votes yes. Okay, then. Johnny sees Danny by the ring and goes to talk to him.

Suddenly they're both in the ring, looking around at the empty stands. Danny points out that he didn't win, and he didn't die: "I don't think this is gonna do much for your career as a psychic." Johnny chuckles, "Now that would be a tragedy, huh?" and pretends to punch Danny while making another goofy face. Exit Johnny. Danny spars in the ring for a second. The credits roll, which prevents us from seeing that moments later, Danny walks outside and is promptly hit by a bus. Because fate is a tricky bugger.

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