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Valley Of The Shadow

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Valley Of The Shadow

Bruce and Johnny walk into Johnny's apartment. Bruce is badgering Johnny to go on a double date with him. Johnny isn't interested. Bruce brings up Dana, and Johnny dismisses her. Bruce tells Johnny that he's "always wrapped up in this Chicken Little thing." Johnny's never heard of Chicken Little. How could you not have heard of Chicken Little? Bruce reminds him that Chicken Little claimed that the sky was falling, and they all know what happened to him. Johnny doesn't know. Neither do I. What did happen to Chicken Little? I was thinking that when the sky actually did fall, no one believed him. But isn't that the Boy Who Cried Wolf? Bruce isn't sure how it ended, but knows that it wasn't good. Johnny's phone rings. He answers it, and Purdy says, "Johnny. I need you." Ew, he didn't mean that. At least I hope not.

Cut to Johnny and Purdy in Purdy's helicopter, arriving at the Markoff estate. Walt tells Johnny he's glad to see him there. Reporters are all over the lawn, and they ask Purdy for a statement. Purdy says he's just there to talk to the family. Dana slouches against a nearby car. Why are they allowing reporters on the property, anyway?

Inside the house, Purdy explains that Arthur Markoff is very private, which is why he moved to such a remote location, and doesn't want anyone to know about his philanthropy. Johnny walks around the room, touching various objects, but no visions appear. Johnny checks out a picture of Markoff and Bill Gates smiling at each other. So Markoff equals Bill Gates. Got it. Purdy says that Markoff survived the recent Wall Street scandals relatively unscathed. Markoff enters the room, apologizing for keeping them waiting and explaining that he was with his wife. Purdy asks after her, and Markoff says she's been sedated. Markoff introduces himself to unblinking Johnny. Purdy reminds Markoff that they discussed Johnny earlier. Markoff says his wife believes in that vision mumbo-jumbo, even though he doesn't, but "at a time like this..." Markoff asks if Johnny has helped the police before. Johnny says he's tried. Purdy spouts off about the "remarkable things" Johnny has done in the past, adding that he believes Johnny is doing God's work. Markoff bitterlyasks , "What kind of God allows a child to be taken from his family?" Purdy has no answer to that. Johnny blinks. Markoff says he'll show them where the kidnapper broke into the house.

As helicopters hover and reporters scamper, Markoff leads Purdy and Johnny to a hole that has been cut in the glass of a patio door. Johnny kneels and touches the glass that was removed, and then the hole itself. Everyone watches expectantly. Johnny presses his hand against the door, but there are no visions. Walt and an FBI lady sigh disappointedly, and then the FBI Lady's phone rings. Walt tries to get the assembled crowd to back off. Again, why are there so many people trampling the crime scene? And why didn’t a billionaire like Markoff have a state-of-the-art security system? Johnny walks away from the house with the others.

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Dead Zone




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