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Valley Of The Shadow

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Valley Of The Shadow

A white limousine drops Johnny off. Purdy and Johnny get out. Purdy reminds Johnny that he tried, which is all anyone can ask, and that they'll write a press release reminding people that Johnny's gift doesn't always work. Purdy gets back in the limo. Johnny says nothing, but looks worried.

Johnny walks into his house, and the phone is ringing. He answers. The male voice on the other end asks what happened to him today. Johnny asks who it is. The Voice says that Johnny looked lost out there today; it was on all the television stations. The Voice hopes that he's not wrong about Johnny, or there's no hope for the boy. Johnny asks if the boy is all right. The Voice says he is for now, but that the boy's fate rests with Johnny. Confused, Johnny asks for more information. The Voice says, "Johnny, Johnny, whoops, Johnny, whoops, Johnny, Johnny, Johnny." The hell? I guess that's supposed to signify that The Voice is batshit crazy. The Voice says that he's worried about Johnny, especially since he's been associating with Purdy. Johnny replies, "He's just handling my mail." The Voice says that the demands on Johnny's time must be overwhelming, but that he believes in Johnny. The Voice goes on a rant about the excesses of today's society, and we see that the wall behind The Voice is covered in newspaper clippings about Johnny, and that there are religious candles all around. The Voice concludes, "We've turned our backs on God, Johnny. And every now and then, He throws up His hands and decides it's time to remind everyone what's important. 'Prepare slaughter for His children for the iniquity of their fathers.'" Now this is sounding like Dogma. Is The Voice Matt Damon? Johnny demands to know what The Voice wants. The Voice just wants Johnny to do what he does, and adds that he left a message for Johnny at the Markoff house, but Johnny missed it. Johnny asks, "You want me to find him?" The Voice says he's praying Johnny will. Johnny wants to know if the boy is still alive. The Voice asks why Johnny doesn't already know that, and adds that this has been a disappointing first meeting. The Voice hangs up. Johnny smells the fart like Joey Tribbiani.

Johnny knocks on the Bannermans' door. Sarah answers, and she totally thinks Johnny is there to see her, but he shoots her down when he says that he heard Walt came home for supper. They go inside. Walt, Sarah, and Johnny Jr. sit at the table. Walt invites Johnny to eat, but Johnny says he needs to go back to the Markoff place, because he heard from the kidnapper. Walt stands up and hustles out.

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Dead Zone




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