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Valley Of The Shadow

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Valley Of The Shadow

At the police station, someone hands the message to the FBI lady, who says they'll send it off for testing and try to match the fingerprints. I thought the kidnapper was wearing gloves? Johnny asks if he can touch the message. FBI Lady says they don't touch evidence, and if the kidnapper is in their system, they'll have a match in two hours. Johnny nods. Walt walks up and says that Johnny could have an answer for them in two seconds. FBI Lady considers and allows Johnny to touch it. Johnny immediately tells her that the fingerprints on the paper don't belong to the kidnapper, because he didn't touch the page. FBI Lady insists that the kidnapper had to touch the page. Johnny says the kidnapper scanned the paper and emailed it to a copy shop for printing so that there would be no fingerprints left from the creation of the message. FBI Lady insists that the kidnapper had to touch the page in order "to stick it to the goddamn wall." Um, gloves? And she's in the FBI?

A lackey calls out that Bruce is on the phone for Johnny, and says it's important. Johnny picks up the phone and immediately senses that it's not Bruce on the other end. Walt picks up a line to listen in, and starts a trace. The Voice asks whether Johnny has figured out how he put the paper on the wall without touching it. Johnny says that he made the kid do it. Or he wore gloves. I mean, seriously. Am I crazy? The Voice says that Johnny is correct, and that the kid was very brave last night. The Voice adds that the kid is starting to get a little worried, because his air is running out. Johnny says the kidnapper needs to give him more information. The Voice insists that Johnny has everything he needs to find the kid, and then asks Johnny to say hello to Walt, whom he assumes is tracing the call. The Voice adds that he thinks it's great how Walt and Sarah named their son after Johnny, and then asks if their son is really theirs, because the dates don't work out. Johnny gets all angry and tells the kidnapper not to go anywhere near Johnny Bannerman. The Voice asks Johnny how he lives with the sound of "Johnny Bannerman." Johnny threatens the kidnapper again, and the kidnapper says he could've done it already, but he wouldn't do that to Johnny. He doesn't want Johnny to have to live with that secret alone anymore. Well, I mean, Sarah and Walt both know, so he wasn't exactly living with it alone. The Voice tells Johnny that he really needs to hurry because the air is running out, and hangs up. Walt hangs up and looks disgusted. Johnny slams the phone down! Ooh, Johnny!

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Dead Zone




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