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Valley Of The Shadow

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Valley Of The Shadow

Johnny is getting his paper when Walt rolls up in his cop car and tells Johnny that they got a lead from the copy shop. Walt explains that the message was emailed to the copy shop with instructions to mail the document to a P.O. Box belonging to a Mr. Nebuchadnezzar. Walt knows that is a name from the Bible. Johnny says Nebuchadnezzar was the Babylonian king who sent Daniel to the lion's den. Look at the brains on Johnny! Walt remembers that Nebuchadnezzar also sent his three friends into a fiery furnace, where an angel protected them. Walt asks what the three pals were named, but Johnny doesn't answer. Walt says the transaction was paid for with a stolen credit card, and that they're going to visit the owner of said credit card.

Johnny, FBI Lady, and Walt walk into a woman's house. She apologizes for the mess from the remodeling going on, and says it's been going on for months. Walt asks if she knows when her credit card was stolen. She didn't report it stolen? Duh! FBI Lady asks for the name of the restaurant and tells Walt to run a check on all of the employees. Johnny wanders around the room as the woman continues to talk to the cops. He touches a doorknob and immediately gets a vision of a woman whipping a handcuffed child while praying. Whoa, what a Carrie moment. Johnny opens the door and stares into a regular child's bedroom. The phone rings, and the homeowner answers it. Johnny whispers to Walt that the kidnapper used to live in the house with his mother, when he was a child. The homeowner hands Johnny the phone. Yay! He called himself "John" instead of "Johnny." To the surprise of no one, it's The Voice. He asks what Johnny thinks of the house. Johnny says he knows that the kidnapper lived there. We finally get to see The Voice's full face, but since I don't have anything else to call him, I'm just going to keep calling him The Voice until they give me a name. The Voice is disgusted with what the new owners have done to the place. Johnny says he saw what happened to The Voice as a child. The Voice says that's why he brought Johnny there -- because he wants Johnny to know him. Johnny suggests that they meet somewhere and talk. The Voice says it'll happen soon, because Johnny is very close. The Voice sighs and chews some scenery by saying, "Dear God, I hate that house." Although I guess most serial-killer roles call for scenery chewing, unless you're Kevin Spacey, in which case they call for measured tones and creepiness.

Johnny hangs up the phone and informs the room that the kidnapper was in the house, recently, because he's seen the renovations. Walt figures out that the kidnapper took the credit card when he was there. Johnny picks up a nearby paintbrush, which triggers a vision. He sees reverse vision of someone rolling paint onto a wall, so that the paint is actually coming off the wall instead. Under the paint, the words Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego are painted on the wall. Johnny repeats the words aloud. Walt figures out that they were the three in the fiery furnace. Johnny asks if anyone else is in the house. The homeowner says no. Johnny says that they have to leave immediately. Walt hustles them all out the door, just as flames burst through the house. They all barely make it outside before the house explodes. Good thing Johnny has that walking stick! Otherwise, I don't know if he would have made it out in time. I'm kidding. I think the walking stick is dumb because he clearly doesn't need it.

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