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Johnny, Sarah, and J.J. are hanging out around the finish line of a town marathon, along with hordes of other people. J.J. is watching the runners and cheering, as is Sarah. Johnny is totally not paying attention. Sarah asks if he's okay, and Johnny says that he is. Sarah has a realization and asks whether Johnny was having a vision. Johnny says that the only vision he's having is of himself, at home, watching ESPN. I notice that everyone else is dressed for summer in t-shirts and shorts or jeans, but Johnny is wearing long pants, and a shirt with a jean jacket. Isn't he hot? Now that I think about it, have we ever seen Johnny in a short-sleeved shirt? Is it to prevent people from making contact with him so he won't have visions all of the time? But hasn't he had visions when people touched his clothed arm? Or is it only skin-to-skin contact that sets off a vision? This is probably totally something that was answered in a first season episode I haven't seen yet. So I'm going to shut up now. Sarah tells Johnny to quit being so passive-aggressive, because he could have said he didn't want to come to the marathon. She reminds him that he used to love it. Johnny says he used to run in it, and that was before it was the "Faith Heritage Alliance Race for Peace." Sarah says that the sponsor is irrelevant, because it's a fun event for a good cause. Have we even seen Rev. Purdy since the tornado episode? And what the hell is going on with Stillson? Anyway.

Walt comes into view, running toward the finish line. J.J. starts cheering. Walt apparently decided he didn't need to shave this morning. Either that, or it's a really long marathon. Walt crosses the finish line and then gives J.J. a big hug. Sarah joins them, laughing, and Johnny watches the happy family. Johnny is distracted by some homeless guy yelling nonsense (or is it?) about the apocalypse. Johnny walks closer, and realizes that the guy is the same man he's seen twice before: Creepy Dressed in Black Guy With Burnt Face. (That's his Native American name.) No one is paying any attention to the guy's yelling but Johnny. The guy sees Johnny and yells, "Don't come any closer! Shame on you, Johnny Smith! Shame on you for what you've done to these people!" Johnny is confused. The guy takes off through a tunnel under the stadium and Johnny follows. When Johnny turns a corner right behind the guy, the hallway is empty. Johnny looks around for possible exits, but there are none. The guy just disappeared into thin air.

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Dead Zone




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