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Johnny drives to White Plains. On the way, he calls and leaves a message with Bruce, saying that he saw Creepy Guy again, and was told to come to New York. Johnny says he'll call Bruce if he needs backup. I hope Johnny didn't make that call from New York State, because it's illegal to talk on a cell phone while driving here. Maybe he has a headset.

Johnny arrives at 1356 Primrose Lane. At first, the house totally didn't look blue to me and I was like, "It's the wrong house!" But I guess not. Maybe my television is going bad. Anyway, Johnny spots a mom and a little girl out front. The mom notices Johnny and kind of half-smiles like you do when you see a stranger and want to be friendly but don't want to encourage him in case he's a crazy psycho killer. A sleek black car pulls up, and Creepy Guy gets out. But he's not creepy! He's dressed normally, with no burnt face. The little girl yells to Non-Creepy Guy, "Daddy!" The whole family goes into the house.

Johnny walks up to the house and rings the doorbell. The wife answers the door. Hey, it's Ione Skye! This is like reunion of people from '80s movies between Frank Whaley playing Creepy Guy and Anthony Michael Hall. Johnny says he's looking for her husband. Ione is understandably wary. The little girl, whose name is Julia, comes up and starts speaking to Johnny in French. He talks back, also in French. Johnny apologizes to The Wife, explaining that he's been on the road for over ten hours and he's a little out of it, but he meant to introduce himself properly. Non-Creepy Guy shows up in the doorway and asks what's going on. Madeleine (Ione's character, formerly The Wife) is surprised that her husband doesn't know Johnny. Non-Creepy Guy thinks Johnny is a salesman and tries to shut the door. Johnny gets indignant that he drove all this way and the guy won't even talk to him. Doesn't Johnny notice that the guy doesn't have any burns and it's obviously a totally different guy or at least a totally different version of the guy? Madeleine starts giving out their address and names to show that Johnny just has the wrong place. Non-Creepy Guy is Christopher Wey. Christopher says forcefully that Johnny must have the wrong address. Christopher motions to Madeleine to get inside, so she does. Christopher quietly asks Johnny's if he's with "the 309" or "Frank's guys," and orders Johnny to stay away from his house. While talking. Christopher pats Johnny on the shoulder. Johnny has a quick vision of a dead Julia, sprawled out on the lawn, and then a dead Madeleine, slumped against a wall in the house. Johnny snaps out of it as Christopher asks if they are okay. Johnny responds, "Not even close."

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Dead Zone




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