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The next day, Johnny spies on Christopher at a giant construction site. Christopher appears to be some sort of foreman or supervisor or boss-type guy, because he's wearing nice clothes with his hardhat. Johnny calls Bruce and says he needs help. Johnny explains about his vision of the dead wife and kid. Bruce asks whether Christopher was the murderer. Johnny tries to explain Christopher's deal, but since he doesn't really know what it is, Bruce says that Johnny is making "negative sense." Johnny asks Bruce if he can get off work and come to New York. Bruce agrees.

Johnny hangs up the phone and sneaks over to Christopher's car. He scans his hands all over it, hoping for a vision. He might want to touch a part of the car that Christopher has actually touched like, you know, the steering wheel. Instead, he's all rubbing the fender. Anyway, when Johnny touches the headrest, he gets a vision of Christopher totally doing it in the car with a woman who is not his wife. Johnny snaps out of the vision and sees Christopher talking to his paramour (I've always wanted to use that word), and it looks like they are fighting. We can't hear their voices, though.

Johnny tries to get closer, and he sees Christopher talking to some other guys. Suddenly, Johnny develops supersonic hearing and can totally hear what the guys are saying. Christopher is talking to a guy named Frank, and sounds like he's pleading for mercy. Basically, you get the vibe that Christopher got some sort of favor from Frank, and is worried that Frank is now sending Johnny to collect. Frank denies knowing Johnny Smith. Johnny turns around and sees Creepy Christopher standing above him on some scaffolding. Creepy Christopher asks what Johnny is doing at the construction site. Johnny says that Creepy Christopher told him to come, but Creepy Christopher wants Johnny to go back to the house on Primrose Lane. Johnny accuses Creepy Christopher of wanting to hurt Madeleine and Julia, and Creepy Christopher gets all upset. Then a construction guy comes over and Johnny gets distracted. When he looks back, Creepy Christopher is gone.

The construction guy marches Johnny right over to where Christopher and Frank are standing. Christopher tells someone to call the cops, because Johnny is trespassing. Johnny says, "I'm not the one you should be afraid of," and Johnny will end his sentences in prepositions because he's psychic and he knows that in the future, it won't matter! Johnny adds that Christopher should ask his brother about it, and I groan because, seriously, is there anyone who hasn't figured out that Creepy Christopher is also Christopher From the Future? I thought Johnny was supposed to be smart. Oh, that's right. His visions don't work that way. Christopher tells Johnny to stay away from his family, and Johnny tells Christopher to stay away from Christopher's secretary. How did Johnny know that lady was Christopher's secretary? Christopher is all confused and Johnny says he knows that Christopher is a twin. Bzzt! Wrong. Christopher had a younger brother who died at the age of eight from lupus. Oopus. Christopher asks whether Johnny is looking for money. Johnny is thrown for a loop, and apologizes, saying that he made a mistake. Johnny walks away. We see that someone is taking surveillance-type photos of Christopher as Johnny walks off. He kind of looks like Robert Patrick, but uglier, so I'm going to call this guy Ugly Robert. Although in keeping with the '80s theme of the episode, he should have been played by Emilio Estevez.

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Dead Zone




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