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Bruce walks into the White Plains police station and finds Johnny giving a statement to a cop named Lt. Sandowski. Johnny introduces Bruce and Sandowski, the latter of whom asks Bruce's last name, for his record. Sandowski reads back Johnny's statement, which says that Johnny had a psychic premonition that Madeleine and Julia Wey will be murdered in the future, but Johnny doesn't know when, and the perpetrator is probably a guy who looks like Christopher Wey, but creepier. Bruce looks at Johnny like, "Seriously, you want people to think you're crazy, don't you?" Johnny understands that the cops can't investigate a crime until it happens, but when it does, he wants them to have this information. Sandowski sarcastically asks Johnny to let them know if he gets any more information, like the name of the suspect.

Johnny and Bruce head back to 1356 Primrose Lane. Bruce asks how Johnny got him into this mess, and Johnny says he just wants someone who believes him. Aw. Johnny rings the doorbell, and there is no answer. Johnny touches the door and has a quick vision of Madeleine, standing on the other side of the door. Johnny turns to leave, and Madeleine opens the door and asks him to wait. She thinks she knows why Johnny is there. Did this suddenly turn into a porno?

Johnny and Bruce enter the house. Madeleine enters and hands Johnny a glass of water. Johnny has a vision of Madeleine handing a glass of water to Ugly Robert. She also gives him some money. Ugly Robert thinks that Madeleine's husband doesn't deserve her. Madeleine says she just needs evidence of her husband's affair. Johnny snaps out of the vision. Madeleine says she thinks her husband is having an affair with someone close to Johnny, and that Johnny's come to tell Madeleine about it. Johnny tries to find a way to tell Madeleine that he saw her murder in a vision. That's a tough conversation to start. And end. Just a tough conversation all around. Johnny asks her just to listen to what he has to say, and starts telling her about his car accident seven years ago. She immediately interrupts to ask what this has to do with Christopher. Girl, did you not hear him when he told you to listen? Johnny realizes that Madeleine's getting a little freaked out, but I'm sure he's used to that by now. He assures her that he's trying to ensure her safety. Madeleine asks if she's unsafe now. Well, letting two perfect strangers into your house isn't exactly safe. Julia walks in, and Madeleine tells her to go to her room. Julia is all friendly to Johnny, but Madeleine is having none of it.

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Dead Zone




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