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We start with Sean running through a parking garage. It's the same one from last episode. In fact, it's the same scene from last time. I don't think it counts as a flashback when you just show the same thing twice. There wasn't much drama the last time they stole a goon's SUV and drove away while he shot at them, and it hasn't improved on the second viewing. They get away again, although we now see Collier give Sean some getaway tips once they're out of the garage. Her advice is "Just drive!" Nice work, Collier. Back in the garage, the goon takes out his phone and calls someone to report his team's complete failure to pick Sean up. He reports that Sean is starting to "put all this together," so they need to "move the girl." Then he shoots someone and steals his car, whacking it into a concrete pillar as he zooms it out of the garage.

So as far as I can tell, the Yuma branch of the FBI office is now full of dead FBI agents and at least two goons. And there's a dead person in the parking garage. You'd think they'd want to clean that up before leaving, but this is one of those omnipotent conspiracies with no interest in details.

In the SUV, Collier searches the glove compartment and can't find any paperwork identifying the goons. Sean asks if she believes him now, but she's not willing to commit. Because the show believes that having an irrationally skeptical person around is going to make this whole thing more fun, I guess. Every episode so far has featured Sean desperately trying to make someone believe him, which suggests that somebody thinks it's compelling television. Their discussion gets interrupted when Sean spots a car behind them. He gets Collier to pay attention to it, which is remarkably difficult when you consider that it's the only other car on this desert road, it's speeding right at them, and it has an ominous smashed headlight. The goon in the car starts to shoot at them, but Collier says she can't shoot back because of some concern about accuracy or something. So she has Sean hit the brakes and cut the wheel to the left so she can get a clean shot. If the Pirates of the Caribbean movies can be trusted, that's called club-haulin'. The goon's car goes into the brush on the side of the road and Sean drives off.

Stopped by the side of the road, Sean pulls a dealie out of the car, which he claims will disable the GPS. He throws said dealie into the desert, so I guess they're completely untraceable now. Unless either Sean or Collier have mobile phones. Or someone notices that their SUV has the back window shot out. Or they get pulled over for some reason and are asked for their registration. Aside from all those things, they're 100% off the grid. Sean wants to get moving again, presumably because the GPS unit is only like twenty feet away from them at this point, but Collier is busy vowing revenge. She wants to make those people pay, although she's a little vague on who "those people" are. Without warning, she turns on Sean, demanding that he tell her anything. Look, lady, I have my issues with Sean, but even I wouldn't accuse him of trying to hide information from you. He's delighted to tell her things. It's getting him to shut up that's the problem. She wants to call her ex-husband, who works at the Department of Justice, but Sean won't let her use her phone. Why is Sean in charge? Collier complains that Sean has no training for this sort of thing, although all of Collier's training does not appear to have been much use. Sean tells her, "I was capable enough to save your life. Twice." Well, one time was when he dragged her out of an incredibly convenient car accident, but that didn't have much to do with spy training. And the other time would be when he hit a goon with a fire extinguisher? I'm not sold on his awesome life-saving abilities.

Whoops! FIVE YEARS EARLIER! Sean parks his car (on what looks like a sidewalk) and gets out so he can kiss Leila. It's raining heavily, although I don't think that matters. I'm just setting the scene. I guess it's to make it feel different from the sun-baked desert scene we were just in. Leila wants him to come home with her for Thanksgiving dinner, which would mean an impromptu sixteen-hour drive. He accepts. And that's the end of the flashback.

Coming back to the present, we see Sean in the desert for a couple of seconds, then it's off to Leila and Vicky. Vicky has brought Leila to a basement, which is yet another in this show's long line of boring sets. Vicky unbags Leila's head and pulls the duct tape off Leila's mouth and her partner, a jerk played by DB Sweeney, staggers around and acts drunk. He gives Leila a bucket to poop in and accidentally breaks a bottle. He tells her that if she behaves, everything will be fine, but his kind words are a bit undercut by the way he orders her to nod her head so that he knows she believes him. Vicky and the jerk leave Leila alone in the dark. Leila's wrists are tied in front of her with some kind of nylon rope. That's an important plot point, so I didn't want you to miss it.

Vicky and the jerk make themselves comfortable in the kitchen of the house where they've got Leila stashed. The jerk puts his beers in the refrigerator and Vicky complains about him drinking on the job, but he says they're just waiting for "the word," and that Leila will be dead in two hours. Down in the basement, Leila has heard everything.

Hey, new set! Welcome to the Bio Quarantine Facility in Fairfax, Virginia. And it's that air marshal from the first episode! He starts to describe what happened on the plane, which makes me worried that we're going to get caught up in a Mobius Strip of narrative. But luckily for me, we cut away to hear from some other people, and they all have gaps in their memory. Nothing between being on the plane and waking up, apparently. So there's a lot of "Nobody will even tell me where I am!" going on. Oh, these poor people who I don't care about. First they're on a plane that's going to crash, then they vanish, then they're fine, then they're dead, then they're alive, and now they have amnesia. And none of it matters. These people don't even have names! President Martinez is watching the interviews from behind some of the one-way mirrors that this show is so fond of. A doctor claims to have run PET scans for the autopsies, in clear defiance of the fact that none of these people have been autopsied. It's pretty hard to survive one of those. But the point is that there's some mitochondrial activity that wasn't there before. Martinez wants to know why They (that's what I've decided to call Sophia's people who aren't detained) would pretend to kill all these people, and Vice President Jarvis suggests that maybe it was a display of power. Someone comes by to tell Jarvis that Michael Buchanan is awake, but that Sterling is already interrogating him. This angers Jarvis for some reason, although I feel like the Director of the CIA is a more appropriate person for the task than the Vice President.

Sterling wants to know why Buchanan was trying to fly a plane into the President's compound. Buchanan is distracted by the fact that his wife was murdered and his daughters kidnapped. Hey, remember the other Buchanan daughter? Samantha? Yeah, she's probably out there somewhere. Sterling asks again who was forcing Michael to fly the plane, and the only scrap of information he can come up with is that Leila knew the girl and said her name was Vicky. Hey, remember the phone conversation that Leila had with her father? The one where Leila was on the beach with Vicky, Sean, and Dude? It's too bad she didn't share any extra information on that call.

Sterling walks out of the interrogation and is stopped by Jarvis, who is angry about not being in the loop. Sterling denies trying to kill Martinez, giving as his reason, "if only because that would put you in charge."

The White House. President Martinez has been deeply moved by a little girl he saw in the bio-quarantine area. He's also bothered by the discovery that They have powers that he didn't know about. As

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