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Dr. Dempsey (who appears so rarely and briefly that I still see him as Hal Holbrook) sits on a bench and watches children at a playground. Creepy. He's joined by a woman, whom he tells to grab a girl in a purple sweater. I mean, there's a specific girl on the playground, and that's the one he wants. And she's wearing a purple sweater. I didn't mean to give you the impression that he's just shopping for children in particular fashion colors. With that out of the way, he's going to go for a flight. He talks vaguely about needing to stay in good health so he can "see this through." With that out of the way, the woman hands the girl her turtle-catching net and tells her that everything has to leave home sometime. If the girl is an alien's kid, you'd think they'd keep a closer eye on her. Since Michael and Sophia certainly know that there's an evil conspiracy kidnapping the next generation, maybe they should send out a warning that everyone should keep an eye on their daughters.

Vicky gets home and, once again, sees that her window is ajar. Dear show, please stop repeating scenes. It's the opposite of dramatic. Oh look, there's Sean pointing a gun at her and demanding to know who she works for. Just like last week. He tells her that he tracked her down because her mother used her cell phone once. That's pretty resourceful for someone who was apparently hitchhiking to Mexico last week. In fact, it's more resourceful than the United States government, which has failed to track Sophia given the exact same information. And it's more resourceful than the government plus the Dempsey Conspiracy, since Sean himself has had his phone on this whole time and uses it fairly frequently. Sean repeats himself about how he's going to stop them. Vicky is not impressed and says that she'll take her chances with him shooting him. Sean, Our Classy Hero, threatens to make her son's location "go viral." The virus, he claims, has a password he needs to enter every two hours or it goes out. Okay. First of all, it's not a virus. He just made a fairly uninteresting video of Vicky's son. That's not going to go viral. It would need autotuning and banal lyrics for that. (Please note that this joke was more current when the episode aired, and is now barely relevant couple days later. By the time you read it, it will count as nostalgia!) Second, every two hours? Does he not sleep anymore? And when did Sean decide to be one of the many, many people who threaten people's families to get them to do things? Vicky did it to Michael, Dempsey did it to Vice President Jarvis, and Thomas did it to Lieutenant Greer. I feel that it's getting boring. I mean, it's an interesting twist to have Our Hero start threatening the lives of innocent children and women, I guess, but I don't think it's the kind of "interesting" they're going for.

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The Event




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