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Jarvis is called into the Oval Office so that President Martinez can be theatrically angry and shocked that Jarvis would have the crust to come back to work after admitting that he authorized an assassination attempt. Martinez tells him that he doesn't exist anymore. Jarvis tells him that nothing happened officially, and if Martinez tries to cut him out, he, Jarvis, will expose everything. Really? There's no way to get a vice president out of the way? Martinez grabs him by the collar and tells him to stay the hell out of the way. Sterling enters to report that there's news about Sophia.

Situation Room. The general shows the precise location of Sophia's call. It's Latitude 37.7497498, Longitude -122.4317332. Good news: that actually is in San Francisco! Good work, show. The general who has a lot of dialogue but doesn't have a name and isn't Tony Todd says that the marines are dressed as local law enforcement so as not to attract undue attention. Sure, because nobody will notice 50 local law enforcement officers descending on a local house. Martinez reiterates that they are to take her alive if possible, but if they can't, go ahead and kill her.

Vicky drives herself and Sean down a road. She tells him that it's very hard to get access to the vice president, and he basically ignores her. Sean is an unstoppable secret agent! Or something! Really, he just kidnaps unstoppable secret agents and orders them to do stuff for him. Remember, he's not the Jack Bauer here. Vicky is. Sean tells her to watch for a place that might have Internet. She tells him that Dempsey tried to kill the president because he wanted to keep the experiments secret and Martinez's plan to reveal the truth about Inostranka would have ruined that. Oh, and Vicky got out of the business because she didn't like all the killing and kidnapping. Sean sneers at the idea of Vicky objecting to anything, because of all her murdering and kidnapping. He's kidnapping her right now. Anyway, didn't her change of heart come right in front of Sean when she shot all those people in the police station and let Sean and Vicky escape? I guess Sean forgot about that. Vicky tells a story about shooting her abusive stepfather, which I guess is supposed to humanize her. But she made it up, so it's supposed to... establish her improv skills? She smirks, "There's no reason I am the way I am, Walker. I just came out this way." Well, okay then. I didn't know we were psychoanalyzing you, but whatever.

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The Event




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