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Sophia gets the text message. Boy, you'd have to think that sending out a mass text isn't the most secure method of communication for a group of aliens trying to live among humans. For one thing, it means that everyone has to have a phone. And Thomas has to maintain a list of everyone's number. Where did Sophia even get this phone? I guess maybe Thomas gave it to her after she escaped from custody? Let's go with that. At the bottom of a hill, a few blocks away, Marines dressed like SWAT members pile out. Michael chats with Sophia about how he's talked with some of their people, and they're all going. Sophia is also going, because she doesn't want to give Thomas a chance to solidify his power. She doesn't think Thomas can try to kill her in front of everyone. "I'm going. I have to," she says. "Then so am I," answers Michael. I guess Michael is supposed to be an incredibly loyal person, which doesn't really fit with the fact that he started his own family in direct opposition to his orders as a secret alien. And I thought the only reason Sophia wanted Michael was that he's supposed to know something about Thomas's plans. But I guess she needs someone to talk to since Simon's...

Wait. What about Simon? Wasn't he their mole in the government? Why isn't he warning Sophia about this? Where is he? We last saw him under a bridge, watching the uranium truck roll away. At the time, I thought he should be calling a helicopter or something. Or maybe setting up a roadblock. But instead, he just vanished off the face of the Earth. Maybe he's on vacation.

Martinez watches the exterior of Sophia's house (Oh, hey! I guess there was a reason they showed it to us before! Well played, The Event.) on a monitor in the Situation Room. He authorizes the Marines to go. But! Just then! Sterling says he's intercepted a heavily encrypted SMS that went to Sophia's phone and a lot of other ones too. And they see on the monitor that Michael Buchanan is with them, which doesn't surprise them all that much. They just sort of shrug. "Oh, that guy who was going to kill the president and blamed a mysterious conspiracy, then escaped from custody a couple of days ago? I guess he's an alien, but we didn't notice when we were treating him for that mysterious disease. Big deal." Martinez wonders why Sophia's going somewhere right after a text message, especially since she was holed up before that. She's only been holed up since they got there earlier in the episode, but I guess Martinez doesn't know that. He's just assuming that she's holed up because she hasn't gone anywhere in the ten minutes since they tracked her down. But he asks Sterling how many people got that message. Sterling says it's over two hundred. Martinez figures out that it could be a location, and maybe it went to all the aliens everywhere! He calls off the attack but has them follow Sophia. Because that worked so well last time, when he was using actual spies trained to follow people instead of soldiers.

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