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Sean is frustrated. Jarvis says he doesn't know where Dempsey is. Sean tells Dempsey that he's Sean Walker (Hey! He's a federal fugitive again!) and emphasizes that he has nothing to lose. I don't think that's true, is it? He just lost his girlfriend, is all. And there's the bogus murder charge that he's been refusing to get taken care of, I guess. He's all twitchy and holds the gun to Jarvis's chin. This is supposed to be extra-intimidating, even though Vicky's been pointing the gun at Jarvis this whole time. So Jarvis tells Sean that Dempsey just left for Jura mountains in France. He says he doesn't know what Dempsey's doing there. The Secret Service pounds on the door, and Vicky says they need to go. The agents bust in, and Dempsey points them toward the open French doors. Good thing they didn't have any agents outside, I guess.

Los Angeles! Michael and Sophia walk down the street, unaware that they're being monitored by security cameras. They took the train there or something, which is how they got there from San Francisco in a couple of hours. I don't know how everyone else is getting there on such short notice. They enter St. Andrew's Cathedral, and a goon out front tells his wrist that Sophia's there. Mr. Gellar gets there too. And I think I saw Leila go in, but I could be wrong. It's a blonde woman moving quickly. Sterling gives instructions to his flunkies. He would like the blueprints to the Cathedral, and he would like to know who owns it, and he would also like to know everything about all the buildings in the area. A techie "converts the satellite signal to infrared" to reveal that there are about 200 bodies in there. That's nonsense, but I'll allow it. Incidentally, it looked like a lot more than 200 people when they had that reception for Sophia.

Inside the cathedral, Sophia wants to talk privately with Thomas, but he won't go for it. This is his moment! Back in the Situation Room, Sterling finds a security camera shot of Thomas that he can show to everyone. I'm surprised none of the cameras in Inostranka caught him. Maybe they just blew that whole place up and scattered the rubble.

Thomas's news is that their sun is going supernova. The first wave of lethal gamma radiation will reach their solar system in two weeks. So... it's not their sun that's supernova, then? Because their sun should be inside their solar system, if it's constructed on the usual lines. And in less than a year, their planet (with no name) will be uninhabitable. This is a pretty slow supernova. And apparently it's new information, which means that whatever was originally making their planet uninhabitable was something else. So his plan to bring thousands of people to Earth is now obsolete. His new plan is to bring everyone!

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The Event




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