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Anyway, back to Sean and Leila, Professional Downers. I like Jason Ritter more since I found out he's worked with Thrilling Adventure Hour. This is still the boring plot, though. Remember the scene where they find out that Leila's father Michael doesn't age, and is therefore one of Them? We saw that before the hiatus, but it's probably a good idea to show it again. There are a lot of silly subplots for people to keep track of, and on the rare occasion where something actually happens, you wouldn't want people to forget it. Leila still says it's impossible, although you'd think she'd realize that her father hasn't aged a day in her entire life. She'd like to talk to her father about this, which sounds like a good idea, actually. Of course, he was last seen in federal custody for trying to fly a plane into the president, but that can't be that big an issue, right?

There's a noise! I would describe it as "Clank." Sean pulls out a pistol (did he have a pistol before? I don't even remember) and chases after a woman. I thought Sean and Leila were trying to be secretive, but I guess that could change. Sean gets the woman just before she makes it through a door to the upstairs. She has a briefcase full of hypodermic needles, which is a bad sign. After some gun-waving and threatening, Sean gets her to admit that all the subjects have been moved. She won't say where, but she does say that Samantha was taken because she's special. And so is Leila. Why? Because their father doesn't age at a normal rate. I find that interesting, because it implies that maybe the hospital conspiracy doesn't know that they're dealing with aliens. Maybe they've just noticed some non-aging people and have decided to investigate. Well, wait. Samantha and Leila were kidnapped by the Hal Holbrook conspiracy, right? But then the people holding them decided to use that leverage to force Michael to fly the plane into the president's compound, so you'd think they were tied in to Thomas's group. But Simon was openly trying to stop the hijacking, so I guess it might not have been Thomas's idea after all. Plus, the Hal Holbrook Conspiracy had direct control of Michael Buchanan at that point, so it looks like they're more interested in alien-human offspring than just pure aliens. I don't know. But I know more than Leila, who still claims that her father ages like anyone else. Sean holds her (the random hospital lady, not Leila) by the throat and holds the gun to her head. She finally gives up the information that she's being moved to a facility in West Plains. Oh, and they left ten minutes ago in a white van. Which is odd, because Sean and Leila have been in there longer than that.

Sean and Leila drive in the night. Leila is starting to wonder if maybe that woman was right about her father. Sean is open-minded, because a lot of other impossible things have happened. Leila says that doesn't mean this particular impossible thing has to be true. I guess that's true, but once you've been teleported across the country, you kind of have to start questioning all your premises about what's possible and what isn't. And again, Leila has no memory of her father looking any younger than he does right now, which should suggest something to her at this point.

Jail. Michael is being moved to a SuperMax facility in Virginia called Wallens Ridge State Prison. Incidentally, the Internet tells me that Wallens Ridge been downgraded from SuperMax to regular ol' Maximum Security. That's got to be embarrassing. I bet all the other prisons point and laugh at it at the prison parties.

Now Michael sits sullenly in a black van, flanked by officers of the law. The music gets exciting. The camera tilts. Then! An SUV slams into the van! The van veers into a ditch! Two guys in gas masks throw like four smoke bombs in there. Michael is rousted out and into the SUV. He's handed some Visine. One of the men who saved him is Simon. Michael is surprised to see him. So am I! I would have thought Simon would stay out of the missions where he has to interact directly with other federal officers. It's a good thing that this transfer of an attempted Presidential Assassin (who was announced dead on national television) was taking place in a regular van, not a big armored school bus.

The White House. That new Chief of Staff (Richard. He's Richard. Remember that. Richard.) says that the missile launch cover story worked and it's fallen off the news cycle. See, I told you that was going to happen. I think his job is to be someone who either delivers exposition to the president or stands there while the president delivers exposition to him. In this case, the exposition concerns new character and plot-in-the-making Senator Catherine Lewis, who is an Alaskan Senator filling her dead husband's seat until a special election. She has two kids and was a stay-at-home mom. So who's with the kids now? She wants to meet with President Martinez, and he allows it.

We see the meeting and she talks about some fiscal accountability bill. President Martinez agrees that it's good. She'll be running for her husband's seat in the special election. And she likes transparency. Oh! And she found an appropriations report about Mount Inostranka, in which ninety million dollars were assigned to do something. Ninety million dollars a year? That's weird, considering the facility's already been paid for. That's a lot of upkeep. And she wasn't allowed a visit because the project has been abandoned. Martinez covers poorly. Senator Lewis says that she'd love to know where that money went so that she can assure her constituents that it wasn't wasted. You know, most Senators want money funneled to their states. But Senator Lewis seems to think it's her job to make sure that Alaska doesn't get more money than it's entitled to. She's ushered out. Once out of the Oval Office, she asks her aide Eric if he made a copy of that report. And her extensive poker background tells her that Martinez is bluffing. She's folksy!

Sophia asks Simon if anyone got hurt when they broke Michael out. He claims they were careful, which I think is a lie. They ran that van off the road and threw smoke bombs in. They certainly didn't check on the driver or anything. Michael says he doesn't expect to be forgiven for flying that plane, but he needs Sophia to know that he didn't know she'd be there at Coral Gables. Sophia skeptically asks, "If you had, you wouldn't have gone through with it?" He avoids the question, which means he probably would have done it anyway. "They had my daughters," he explains. Sophia is mad that he even had daughters, especially while she was sitting there in jail. He was supposed to be avoiding all involvement. Simon's probably a little bitter, too, since he was a good, dutiful soldier and broke up with that one surfer lady. Sophia exposits that Michael was helping Thomas with the array. He was flying them around and getting things past customs. He can help her find the middleman who can presumably get to Thomas, but Michael wants help finding Leila and Samantha. Simon says he could help a bit, since Sean was in contact with an FBI agent. Sophia says that Simon will do no such thing, and that Michael will help immediately. Michael doesn't accept the orders: "You help me find my daughters and I will help you find your son. Those are my terms."

A white van drives through the night. According to a freeway sign, it's 27 miles from Alton, 59 miles from West Plains, 185 miles from Springfield. Samantha sits next to an old-age-looking kid. Sean and Leila are in the car behind it, and they're delighted to have caught up with the white van. Well, they've caught up with a white van. How can they know if it's the right one? Well, Sean has a plan. He's going to pass it and have Leila get a look at the driver. And then, I guess, if he looks like the kind of guy that works for a secret child-aging hospital, they'll go from there. Sure enough, Sean gets ahead of the white van, and Leila got a good stare at the driver. Before Sean can realize that his plan had flaws, the van rear-ends them a couple of t

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