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Next, the Bureau of Engraving. One sleeper asks another, "How much money can we infect with the virus?" Bang! The team, which is on the other side of the room, shoots at them. Half the team chases the sleeper and the other half secures the canister, which seems like a pretty good idea. So far, these guys are two-for-two.

Dulles airport. Sterling tells the team that it's all up to them. Sean says that he's learned from the laptop that an inside man is getting the canisters past baggage claim 3, then Sophia's meeting him in the International Terminal. So the laptop apparently had a more detailed plan in it somewhere, then? Because the only thing we saw was that map. And you know what just occurred to me? Sean's a super-hacker, so shouldn't he be able to shut down the computers in the flight tower? Maybe just cancel all the flights? Or how about Vicky? Doesn't she still have contacts with the Hal Holbrook Conspiracy? Maybe she could have gotten some of her superspy pals to get involved in this. After all, that crowd is specifically devoted to stopping these aliens, right?

Andy the TSA Sleeper has a big cart full of confiscated stuff, which secretly includes the three virus canisters. He has to get through a locked door guarded by a jolly coworker, but Jolly C. pulls some fuzzy handcuffs out (because "me and the wife like to keep things interesting") and lets him through.

Sophia and Carlos go through the security checkpoint. Sophia is randomly chosen for a hand-scanning. So I may have misunderstood that scene earlier where TSA Andy said he'd get them past security. Maybe he just gave them bogus boarding passes. Oh, hey! You know who should be doing this instead of Sophia? Alex. Remember Alex? The Russian flight attendant? They've already got a sleeper whose job involves the international terminal and they're not using her for this? Sloppy work, aliens. As she's going under the wand, Sophia's phone rings. But she's not allowed to answer it while in the hands of security. We see that it's "Devon." The phone keeps ringing until Sophia has been declared clean. When she answers it, we learn that Devon is the one from the Bureau of Engraving. He says he was stopped, and now it's all up to her. As she listens to the phone, Devon gets shot dead. So the phone connection is still active? The guys who shot Devon could probably justify following up on that without notifying Jarvis right away. But they don't. And now Sophia is sad because she heard Devon die.

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The Event




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