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It's time for the cabinet meeting. Before they enter, Peel tells Martinez that the food and engraving viruses have been stopped. The entire cabinet rises to applaud Martinez when he enters the room. He looks around slowly and we get a POV shot where it's all tilty and blurry. He falls! Martinez is down! There's no explanation for this, other than the need to have something dramatic happen right before a commercial break. How great would it be if they just completely threw logic out the window now that we're in the series finale? Just have characters gasp, "Oh no!" and throw to commercial, then never mention it again.

Sterling and Simon walk up to Baggage Claim 3, which is where TSA Andy was going to get the canisters through. He told this to Sophia and Carlos, and it was also apparently in the laptop somehow. They go up to Jolly and tell him about the bioweapon and ask if anyone claiming to be a TSA agent has recently rolled a cart of stuff through here. He would like to see some identification before he gives that information out. Well, that's perfectly reasonable. Sterling identifies himself as Blake Sterling, Director of National Security, but Jolly would still like to see a badge. Hey, this isn't strictly relevant to this scene, but it just occurred to me that there was no reason for him to take those fuzzy handcuffs earlier. In his job, shouldn't he have access to real handcuffs? Okay, moving on. Sterling pulls a gun on the guy and demands to know if somebody came through here or not. Jolly admits that TSA Andy did, indeed, go through this door. So that's where Sterling and Simon go.

Pop quiz time! If you were Jolly, what would you do at this point? Would you wait until Sterling and Simon were out of sight, then call in a report that two gun-toting loons were loose in the airport? Or would you believe their story? If you believed their story, would you just sit there at your station or would you contact someone about TSA Andy and the bioweapon? Well, here's what Jolly actually does: we have no idea. We never see him again. I can only assume he shrugged and ignored the whole situation. That's one hell of a security guard right there.

Carlos and Sophia sneak into a room. Sterling and Simon creep through the back of the baggage claim area. There are a lot of cool conveyer belts back here, so it makes a neat location. Sterling and Simon spot TSA Andy and shoot at him, but they're all the way on the other side of the room and miss. He shoots back and now we're in another of those scenes where people are hiding behind stuff and shooting at each other and no one's hitting anything. This is something I learned from The Wire: if you want to be successful in a shootout, first you walk up to the person. Then you shoot them. That's how Omar, Brother Mouzone, Snoop, and all the really successful assassins do it. It's the people who start shooting when they're three blocks away that never hit anything and cause the shootouts. That's right, I just proposed that there is a way in which The Wire is better than The Event. I'm not afraid to take a stand!

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The Event




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