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TSA Andy manages to shoot Simon in the leg and chest and pushes his cart away. Sterling gets to Simon, and we learn that he had a bulletproof vest on. I guess that was an attempt to make us think that Simon had been killed, but I honestly didn't notice Simon getting hit in the chest until he made a big deal out of having had a vest. TSA Andy has gotten away, but Sterling calls Sean with some information: he's 5'9", has dark hair, and is in a TSA uniform. Great, so Sean is going to go around tackling TSA agents. That'll work fine. Actually, he and Vicky decide they need to get to "the secure side" so they actually do tackle someone who's opening a secure door. On the other side of the door, they knock their guy out and run. So now there's an unconscious person lying next to one of the secure doors. Good thing that's not the sort of thing that raises suspicions.

TSA Andy finds Sophia and Carlos in one of the back hallways. He says people are right behind him, and he thinks he recognized Simon. But it's Sean and Vicky who get there first and shoot TSA Andy. So much for him, then! The two groups are at either end of a hallway lines with metal lockers, so Carlos opens one and hides behind the door. He tells Sophia to take off, and she runs while he shoots at Sean and Vicky. Vicky then provides covering fire so Sean can run after Sophia. She wings Carlos and he opens his backpack. But before he can open his canister, Sterling shoots him. He and Vicky run after Sophia. Are they just leaving the canister there? Next to the dead body? That seems like sloppy work. As they give chase, we see some maintenance personnel in the background that don't seem bothered by all the gunfire. Or the people waving guns, for that matter. This airport is incredibly casual about security! I can see why they picked this airport to release the virus.

It's time for the actual cabinet meeting. Jarvis whispers to someone that there have been earthquakes across the country. The woman he's talking to stands and begins to withdraw Martinez's petition for reinstatement. It's very formal. In fact, it's so formal that it takes forever and before she's done, Martinez enters, practically being carried by Christina. He says, "Let's begin." See? First they have a commercial break where the president is mysteriously sick again. Then they have a commercial break where he's mysteriously well again. None of it is ever explained and all it does is pad out the show. Nice work, everybody.

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The Event




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