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Vicky tells Sean that all the exits are shut down and the flights have all been stopped. Sean relays this information to Sophia so she knows her plan has failed. The other two virus exposures have been stopped and even releasing the virus here will kill only the people actually in the terminal. Sean tells Sophia that the people in the terminal don't deserve to die, and she snarls, "Did my people deserve to die? Did my son deserve to die?" Well, maybe not your people, but Thomas definitely deserved to die. He killed a bunch of humans and a bunch of aliens. He even tried to kill Sophia. So, yeah, he needed to go down. Sorry, Sophia. The SWAT team enters the terminal and Vicky goes over to get their attention. Sean tells Sophia about the time she said that she came in peace. Then he tells her that there's been enough pain. Eventually, she turns off her gizmo and stands up. She unlocks the door of the lounge and steps out. At this point, I think the SWAT team should shoot her, but they just take her into custody. I guess the message is that Sean has gotten better at begging people to do things, but I think it would have been faster to break through the glass door and just shoot her. She's literally trying to kill six billion people here. Plus, that would constitute something happening for a change.

Leila is in a glass room in a hospital. A doctor knocks on the glass door to tell her that the virus was stopped. "At least in part due to someone you know. Sean Walker." In part? Look, I may be sick of Sean, but at this point humanity needs to be building him a fifty-foot-high gold statue for all his hard work saving the planet. The doctor goes on, "There's something else, Leila. Something we found in your labs." Let's all pretend we don't know what shocking plot twist this portends!

Sean gets run under a tricorder and comes up clean, although they still need to check him more deeply. Now it's Vicky's turn, and Sean takes a seat on a bench next to Simon. Simon says that as far as he knows, Sophia's still planning on bringing her people over. And then there's a shockingly obvious cut-in while Simon's looking away from the camera. The voice, which may or may not really be Simon's, says, "Sean. What you need to know is. Our people were here before." Then we go back to actually seeing Simon say the words, "We were here first." Earth was theirs first, but they left because they believed that if they stayed here, something would happen. Well, that's pleasantly vague. Simon goes on, "We call it The Event. It's a rebirth. The next step for our people. We'll change. Evolve into something else. Something greater. But your people won't survive it." Oh yeah? That's kind of weird, because the two species are only 1% different. The only difference between humans and aliens are that aliens don't age and are immune to Spanish Flu. Anyway, that's all the time that Simon has to give out cryptic hints, because Sterling says they have a ride to the White House. As Simon's heading out, he tells Sean, "All the answers are hidden in that scroll. About where we come from, and about how this all ends." Oh, well. Thanks. That explained everything! So all Sean has to do is find an expert in ancient languages. That sounds like a riveting plot, doesn't it?

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The Event




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