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Oval Office. Martinez. Sterling. Peel. Simon. Sterling and Martinez embrace. Then Martinez turns to Simon. "Agent Lee. I believe I owe you my life." Handshake. They'll talk about other things later. I guess Simon's totally on humanity's side now. Martinez wants to know about the plan to bring Sophia's people over, because Sophia won't talk. All Simon knows is vague rumors about where the portal is, that two and a half billion people will be coming through, and that their sun is close to supernova. He agrees that there isn't room for that many people, but all he knows is that the portal is "somewhere in Asia." That's not much to go on, but Peel has been looking through Jarvis's actions and found the record of that redirected satellite. Once they call the NSA, it gets pointed back at where it's supposed to be looking, which is kind of between Tibet and India. And, surprisingly quickly, they locate the portal on it. There's some electromagnetic radiation coming off it, which Simon says means that it's been activated. Which means that they're coming.

Okay. Right here. This is where I think the show had a great opportunity to do something amazing. What if Martinez fired a missile at the portal, and something went wrong, and it somehow destroyed both planets? The series is ending. Nothing is going to happen after this episode. Just man up and end everything. It would actually be more satisfying than ending with yet another cliffhanger, and people would at least remember it.

But that's not what happens. Instead, we move to the Situation Room to learn that the Chinese Premier refuses to bomb the portal for them, and they don't want to do it themselves. Simon doesn't know anything about how the portal works, so he can't make up some technobabble about how fresh orange juice will disrupt it or something. Sterling spots something on the news, because of course they have the television news on in the Situation Room. Why wouldn't they? There are more earthquakes in Cape Town and Sydney. Peel enters and says that Sophia will be there in a few minutes. What's the delay here? She was in the same place as Sterling and Simon, and they got there two scenes ago. Seems like they should have clapped Sophia in manacles and brought her straight to Martinez, right? you're the federal government; it's not like you don't have helicopters.

Sean and Vicky are in the hospital waiting room. Sean says that he appreciates Vicky waiting with him. A doctor comes down to report that Sean's been cleared to visit Leila. Before he can go up, Vicky tells him she didn't join this fight willingly, but his forcing her to is the reason why her family's safe. "And because of you, I'm no longer ashamed to face them. Thank you." She hugs him and he gives her a tentative hug in return. "Goodbye." She watches him leave. I guess we should assume that Sterling's going to arrange a pardon for Sean and Vicky.

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The Event




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