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must have just ducked out the window or something. Vicky's in here, but she's unconscious and handcuffed to something. Sean shoots the handcuffs off (that seems safe!) and carries her out the French doors. He could just as well have carried her into that hallway we just saw, because it was clearly not on fire. Once they're outside, we can see that various parts of the chateau are on fire. He lays her down on the grass and administers CPR. She recovers, of course.

"Impressive, Mr. Walker. I think it's time we had a little talk." Hey, it's Dempsey! I'd assumed he was in the cars that were leaving, but he stuck around. And he brought a goon, who grabs Sean's gun.

Leila, meanwhile, is alone in Alientown. Her minder is standing outside the house, probably wondering how he got stuck with such a lousy job. I wonder if he's on duty 24 hours a day, or if Leila cold just sneak out when he's asleep. She's got a different plan: she takes a kitchen knife and cuts herself on the palm of the hand. That way, when she yells for Luis the Minder, he can panic and take her to the medic.

The medic is set up in another generic housing development house, and patients are in the various bedrooms. Simon's in there, attached to a bed with medical restraints. Weren't they supposed to kill him? Or maybe use his extensive knowledge of the inner workings of the White House? It seems like kind of a waste to just tie him to a bed and leave him there. After Leila gets her hand bandaged, she sneaks into Simon's room and asks him if he can talk. He doesn't give any impression that he's conscious, but she goes ahead and starts talking to him anyway so she can apologize for her father turning him in. It turns out he's conscious after all, because he tells her about the genocide plan. He tells her that there's a woman named Irina Bogdanova in Siberia, and she's essential for the plan. Leila doesn't have a phone, but Simon says there are a few people with working phones. Like Sophia. Finally, feeling that he's given her plenty of information, Simon says, "Get help. Go!" You know, he's not dying. He could tell her things like "Here's how to sneak out of Alientown" and "This code will get you straight to President Martinez."

Jarvis, in the company of his Secret Service detail, appears to be in a hotel's hallway. A Secret Service agent says he'll need to sweep a room, but Jarvis says that won't be necessary. You know, the last time the Secret Service let Jarvis go off on his own, one of them got killed by an exploding van. Oh, and he confessed to being involved in a plot to kill the president, although that got hushed up. My point is that I would think they'd have orders not to allow him out of their sight for even a second.

However, he dismisses them successfully and steps into the room unguarded. And Sophia's there, waiting for him! I really think she should consider not constantly going into Washington, DC. Jarvis pulls out a gun, but she claims she'd just become a martyr for her people. What if he overpowered her and arrested her? Would that be a good compromise for him? It would sort of straddle the line between "killing the head of the alien conspiracy" and "actively helping the head of the alien conspiracy" and would probably get him back on Martinez's good side. It doesn't seem to occur to him. If he can't shoot her dead right now, he might as well talk to her. She tells him that she's bringing her people to Earth and that the human population will have to be substantially reduced to make room. As proof of her powers, she reminds him of the monument. She offers the chance for the US to be one of the countries that sticks around in the new order. But because Martinez won't listen to her, she wants to change the country's leadership. She refers to this as a "permanent solution," although I don't think it would be all that permanent to just put Jarvis in charge for the remainder of Martinez's term. Now she's whispering, possibly because she thinks it sounds cool. It doesn't. She refers to this plan as "a culmination of your lifelong devotion to this country." He's thinking about it. Just arrest her! Shout for the Secret Service to get in there and all your problems are solved!

Martinez enters his bedroom and sees his wife asleep in bed. She's wearing glasses and has some artfully displayed cleavage. He apologizes vaguely about being busy, but I think it's okay for the President of the United States to spend time on the alien invasion. They talk about Belize, which is a place they went once but didn't go around being tourists. She says that she'd seen all the sights before. He immediately pounces on a flaw in her story, since she'd allegedly never been there before. She assures him that she'd only seen pictures. And now he's picking apart the story. She said at the time that her family was there, but they never saw them. You know, he could just grab a hair from her hairbrush or something and have it tested. This is television, where DNA tests can be run on hundreds of people in a day or so. You think the people on CSI couldn't get this test done?

President Martinez shows up at Senator Lewis's office unexpectedly. He wants the file. She tells him that she's the only one who knows about the file and he says, "Let's keep it that way." How can she be the only one who knows about the file? Did she do all the investigating herself? It seems like she should have a staff for that sort of thing. Although that would probably raise questions: "Hey, lower-level staffer, go research the First Lady's past and see if you can find any discrepancies in her story. Also, look for old pictures of her. Get to work!"

Jarvis goes into Sterling's office and tells him he will not just shut up and keep his head down. He feels that the President's hatred of Sophia will lead to millions of deaths, but Sterling says they can't back down at the first show of strength. Also, Sterling hates him. Jarvis presses the idea of diplomacy, and says, "Maybe I can talk to her." On the grounds that he has diplomatic experience, see. He goes on, "This country means everything to me, Blake. Just give me a chance to preserve our nation and our way of life." Sterling shouts at him about how he should be in prison, and also, "no one trusts you. And no one forgives you." Sterling just wants Jarvis to go away. Jarvis stares at him. You'd think Martinez would just send Jarvis on pointless fact-finding missions far away. It's not that hard to get rid of a vice president. I think Jarvis's threat is that he'll reveal the presence of aliens, but I don't even know why Martinez is keeping it secret at this point.

Sophia's research guy (Aaron) tracks down the place that Herbert Mills was looking at. Apparently he had ice samples from a particular place, and I'm guessing they were filled with some kind of special disease that kills humans, but not the aliens that are 1% different. Jarvis calls Sophia (again, from his cell phone while he's sitting in the White House, to her cell pone) and says that he sees no other way but to work together. She says his people will thank him one day. "Follow my instructions, and by this time tomorrow, you'll be leader of the free world." Wow, that's pretty quick. Of course, her plan is to then destroy the basic concept of the free world. Incidentally, this plot seems like it's sort of in conflict with the plot about whether Christina Martinez is an alien. Because if she is, I bet it would be pretty easy for her to kill her husband.

Leila opens her front door and Luis asks if everything's okay. She invites him in for a drink. He's just standing out in the rain, so he's okay with the suggestion. He's probably starting to think she's kind of crazy, since all she does is stare out the window, cut herself, and invite people in for drinks. She's got the makings of a Tennessee Williams heroine. She takes his jacket and lifts his phone. Then she goes off to use the upstairs bathroom. Locking the door behind her, she calls 911 to say that she's being held prisoner by the people who blew up the Washington Monument. But she doesn't know w

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