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We begin as we ended: in a cornfield. Sean is still frisking the goon, who is recovering from his rock-bashing. Leila can't imagine why the goon was after her, which seems odd. She knew they were looking for her a few episodes ago. She also doesn't know how they found her, which is a better question. I think it's because Sean has apparently been doing things like leaving his phone on and renting motel rooms. But Sean thinks they were tapping Collier's phone. Sure, blame the FBI agent. That's much more likely than the idea that untrained goofball Sean might have made a mistake. Searching the goon does not turn up any identification, but he does have a white card with a triangle on it. Also a mysterious syringe, filled with an equally mysterious substance. The goon has regained enough consciousness for an interrogation, so Sean points a gun at his head and demands to know where Samantha is. The goon refuses to answer on the grounds that he doesn't think Sean will kill him in cold blood like that. Sean twitches a bit, then lowers the gun. But he has a better idea! What if he injected this mysterious substance into the goon? Aha! That terrifies the goon. It also wastes all of this valuable mysterious substance, which Sean could have shown the authorities, who could have tried to figure out what it is.

The goon stares at Sean in horror and asks, "What have you done?" Well, Sean doesn't know, obviously. Maybe, Mr. Goon, you should be telling us what he did. Instead, the goon gets to his feet and staggers away through the cornfield. Sean and Leila just watch him go. Then the goon falls over, which I guess Sean and Leila were expecting him to do? It's the only reason I can think of that they'd just let him try to escape like that. Anyway, when he rolls over, he has an old face.

Okay, enough of them. We now return to Vice President Jarvis in the hospital. He has just regained consciousness (so far, this episode has a lot of consciousness-regaining, doesn't it?) and his wife has informed him of the threats to his family. Martinez, Sterling, and an assortment of security guys have entered the hospital, and Martinez and Sterling walk in to see Jarvis. It seems like Sterling gets a new Number One Priority every single episode, doesn't it? So right now, he's supposed to be looking for Sophia and Thomas, questioning Michael Buchanan, and probably investigating that van that blew up. Oh, and looking into the number that Jarvis called from the Coral Gables compound, checking in on why Sean didn't get picked up, and maybe investigating the string of mass-murders at local police stations and FBI offices in the last few days. But instead, he's standing by while Martinez gets rid of Mrs. Jarvis and does all the talking himself.

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The Event




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