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They walk through the front door, and the woman behind reception tells them to wait until she's ready. So naturally, Leila starts nosing through files. You know how there are frequently clipboards on the wall with lists of patients? Well, there are at this place. So when the reception lady asks who they're there to see, Leila is able to give an accurate name: Carolyn Jones. Didn't she play Morticia Addams? Leila claims to be her niece, which gets them access to a room full of twitchy people. The receptionist says that Carolyn has just received her medication, which should reduce the chance of any biting. Carolyn doesn't know who Sean and Leila are, but they lie to her.

Listen, I don't want to be a drag or anything, but I really didn't enjoy this scene. I don't think it's cool to lie to people who are dealing with mental problems and psychoactive medication. Anyway, Carolyn appears to buy it, so the receptionist leaves them alone. Sean goes off to nose around the hospital, using the white card he got off the goon as a keycard. So the goon carefully removed all his identification but he brought his keycard for work? You'd think a genius hacker like Sean could hook that up to an RFID reader or something.

Carolyn asks Leila how her father (Carolyn's brother, not Leila's actual father) is doing. This leads to a scene where the punch line is Carolyn talking about cancer of the balls. Sigh.

Sean is going through a hallway (Random hallway scene! Everybody drink!) trying his stolen keycard at random doors. Surely the goon's keycard has been turned off, right? A security guard asks what he's doing.

Carolyn and Leila are making conversation, I guess. Leila wants to know if Carolyn's seen any children around the place, but all Carolyn's seen has been some visiting grandchildren. A beardy guy is listening. Just then! The guard drags Sean in and throws them out. As soon as they're outside, the beardy leans over a balcony and starts shouting that there are girls under the floor. He's dragged away.

Sean and Leila walk about five feet away, because why would you want to go all the way to the street for your secret conversation? Sean says that Beardy is clearly crazy. I hate when shows like this have a character suddenly turn skeptical in the middle of things. Sure, this guy's crazy. All the other crazy stuff? Totally logical ss far as I'm concerned, the instant you find yourself on a plane that gets teleported across the country, you lose the right to call other people crazy. Leila points out a water tower sticking out over the roof, which matches up with Abby's story. Sean says they should leave.

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