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Simon is off on his task for Sophia, and he has found a dead banker in a bathtub. Too late! He calls in to Sophia, who says that Thomas and Isabel have vanished. And Thomas took the key module. Again, once Thomas pointed a gun at Sophia, I'd have thought that would be the end of his access to the key module. Simon looks in a desk drawer and decides that all the tracks have been covered. But he does find a busted-up computer with a hard drive that is only mostly busted. So he's going to see if that can turn up anything. Sophia has asked "the community" to let her know if Thomas contacts them. Simon finds a picture of some guys, one of whom is Thomas. So now we know that Thomas has some connection to this guy! Although that's the only reason we're here in the first place, so I don't see the point.

Thomas sits at a desk and gets a call. I don't know why he needs a desk, since he's using a laptop and a mobile phone. The call is from a guy in a car driving up to a missile silo. Isabel tells Thomas that everything is going to change. Oh, you mean it's going to start making sense? Zing!

In the Situation Room, a general (not Tony Todd? Booo!) tells Martinez that the missile will launch in less than two hours. I thought they just found the silo via satellite imagery or something, but I guess they've got more detailed information. Anyway, they can't get their jets there in time unless China gives permission to use their airspace. So where is Omala supposed to be, if the fastest way to get there is to cut across China? And if it's a missile pointed at us, maybe we should go ahead and deal with it first and ask permission after.

The ambassador from Omala shows up, and Martinez and Sterling have a brief conference with him. The ambassador denies that the Omala government has anything to do with the missile. It's just inside the Omalan borders; that doesn't mean Omala has any control over it. He also didn't know the missile was two hours away from launching. He does have some information on the company that built the silo, which he hands over to Sterling, but he insists that the Omalan government can't even get to that part of the country in time. Martinez warns him that if the US is attacked, they'll retaliate on Omala. Martinez needs to work on his threats, because the ambassador just kind of shrugs. Suddenly, Sterling has found something interesting in the files the ambassador handed over and Martinez tells the ambassador to get out of there. It turns out that the Board of Directors of this company has 97 names on it, and it's all the names of the Inostrankan detainees. Well, there's a coincidence! Martinez looks annoyed by this. Sterling says Sophia is responsible, but Martinez blames Thomas. Based on the many conversations he's had with the guy, I guess. They still have 95 people locked up, so maybe they should ask one of them if they know anything.

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The Event




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