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Leila freaks out and rummages without looking at anything. Sean finds a folder labeled "Michael Buchanan." Ah! It's mostly burnt, but there are pictures of Michael from 1984, 1978, 1959, and 1948. He looks the same in each picture. NOW Leila wants to think about what this means. I think what it means is that Leila isn't very observant, because her father hasn't aged in all the time she's been alive. Also, it means that even though Michael was a They, he was still investigating Inostranka in a way that was public enough for Madeline to have heard of him. Shouldn't he have been minding his own business?

Okay, so that's how we go into the "fall finale," which is the way that the network is getting the show off the air during Sweeps. I personally don't think that this twist makes a lot of sense. I accept the part about the kidnapped girls all being daughters of They, especially since it explains why they'd want both Samantha and Leila. But if Michael was a They, is that why he was chosen for plane-flying duty? Thomas wasn't behind that, so is it a rogue group of They that Sophia doesn't know about? When Thomas's fleet of helicopters showed up, why didn't they grab Michael instead of leaving him to get nabbed by the feds?

Anyway, there you go. The Event, won't you?

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The Event




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