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Back-Alley Surgery

In the White House, Jarvis talks to someone named "Eva," who appears to be his assistant or secretary or something. I'll call her "Eva." I've probably spent too much time on her, but how am I to know if she's going to end up being important? Jarvis wants the transcript of Martinez's interrogation of Michael Buchanan, but Eva doesn't have access. Apparently it's restricted to "the executive office of the President." I was not previously aware that the VP's assistant normally has access to interrogation transcripts, but okay. Jarvis acts like he doesn't mind, but as soon as he's alone in his office, he starts sweating and looking shifty. He looks at a picture of himself and Martinez campaigning, and we go...

ONE HOUR BEFORE THE ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT. I notice they can't say something like "ONE WEEK EARLIER" because they've already messed up the timeline too much. We're watching that time Jarvis wouldn't let Martinez have cake at his son's birthday party. And then that time his advisors (including Sterling, Jarvis, and the tragically underused Tony Todd) begged him not to let the detainees out. When we're done watching scenes from the pilot, we see Jarvis sneak off to his limo. There, he makes a call on his mobile phone to report that the President is going through with his announcement. At the other end of the call is Mr. Hal Holbrook! I guess we actually learned last episode that he was in charge of this particular conspiracy, so it's not really surprising to see him. He says that they have to stop the release of the detainees and tells Jarvis to get off the compound because the plane will be in the air soon.

Speaking of "scenes we already saw," remember that time the goons busted into a room while Sean and Leila ran out? Let me be more specific: remember that time it happened in the last episode? When Madeline and the Hacker-Dude vanished? Well, we see them run out again, and we see the room explode again. Frankly, it wasn't that great the first time. This time, we do see a goon stagger out onto the roof. Then we again see Leila freaking out after she and Sean have run about a block. They're not just out in the open; they're actually having an argument out in the middle of the street. Watch out for Winnebagos! I hear those things just slam into people with no warning at all.

Sean and Leila continue to argue. Sean figures the obvious next step is Los Angeles, since that's where those shell companies are based. Leila freaks out about how they can't get there and don't have any money, but I think it's a bit late for the Sean & Leila plot to start worrying about mundane details like that. It certainly didn't stop Sean from driving across the country the first time. Or from sneaking onto a plane in the first place. Anyway, right about now there's a BANG! as Sean gets shot by that goon, who has been climbing down the building in the background. See, this is why you should always run for at least two blocks when people are trying to kill you. Sean and Leila run into an alley and are followed by the goon, who's limping pretty badly. Leila distracts him with a rock and Sean whacks him with a length of rebar. They grab his gun and get out of there. There are some sirens in the distance, so they break into a car. I don't know what happened to the car they drove there in, but that one was stolen in Yuma, so it's probably not ideal for unobtrusive driving. They don't have keys for this car, and Sean is in the back seat bleeding from a bullet wound, so he has to tell Leila how to hotwire it. You might think he's about to use his awesome hacker skills to know about the electrics or something, but instead he just has her jam a screwdriver into the ignition. That works? Huh. Incidentally, the license plate on this car is Georgia, so it appears that we haven't left that state yet.

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