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Back-Alley Surgery

They drive away as cops pull up. The police do not notice the twitchy lady driving a car with a busted-out back window away from the scene of a giant explosion. In the back seat, Sean applies pressure to his gunshot wound and insists that he can't go to a hospital because he's wanted for murder. I don't think he is, really. Surely by this point the government has put together some pieces of what happened, especially since they had pictures of him on the flight. But Sean assumes everyone's still out to get him, I guess. Although I bet he could take time out to use a pay phone and call the FBI to talk to Collier. Anyway. Leila insists that he's really quite injured and that a hospital will be required to patch him up.

I'd like you to take a moment to think about the most boring cliché possible. What's the lamest, worst thing Leila could say here? Was it "I'm not losing you"? Because that's what she says.

Leila pulls up at a hospital. It's a good thing she knew where the nearest hospital was, but I guess we're at least still in the state she grew up in. This might even be Atlanta. I'm sorry I even brought it up, because this isn't really a show where I have to dig for plot holes.

I'll start over. Leila pulls up at a hospital. Sean protests feebly, because that's basically his character description. But Leila has a plan: she finds an off-duty doctor in the parking lot and kidnaps him at gunpoint. They're a modern-day Bonnie and Clyde! And just like Bonnie and Clyde, they're kind of dumb and don't have a plan past "run!"

President Martinez is in the Oval Office studying some papers. Sterling enters to report that Simon will be released in a day or two. He doesn't say anything about Murphy, who is presumably being interrogated right now. Martinez tells Sterling that he's a good friend. Oh, and that he knows that someone in the room in Coral Gables put out the hit on him, because the meeting ended right before the call at 1:00. And he now claims that he was having the NSA monitor every call in and out of the compound on that day, which sounds unlikely. So now Martinez and Sterling have to rummage through these hardcopies of call records to find someone who made a call right around 1:08 pm. It seems like the NSA could have done that already while the data was all inside their computers.

Vice President Jarvis, meanwhile, is in his office calling Mr. Holbrook. I'm no high-level conspiracy member, but I'd do that from someplace other than inside the White House. He complains to Mr. Holbrook that he's been cut out of the loop and can't find out what Michael said. There have been redactions! Mr. Holbrook says that as far as he knows, Michael didn't know anything. Jarvis says that if he goes down, he won't go down alone. Because one thing you definitely want to do is threaten the shadowy overlord. Mr. Holbrook claims that this isn't a secure means of communication, which is a bit late now that they've already discussed their plot to kill the president. He tells Jarvis to meet him somewhere and they talk for a bit about the specific place and time to meet, which again seems like a bad idea on what is allegedly not a secure line.

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The Event




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