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Back-Alley Surgery

TWO YEARS EARLIER, in NEW ORLEANS, LA. It's a big political rally, presumably one of the party conventions. The theme is "Restore America's Pride," and there are flags everywhere. Jarvis gives a speech with zero semantic content and whips everyone into a frenzy. Then some horrible music plays, which I hope is not their theme song. When he's done, Jarvis is called away by an aide to meet with Mr. Holbrook, who is now called Mr. Dempsey. Mr. Dempsey compliments the speech and says that it's a shame that Jarvis couldn't win the nomination. And also that Jarvis's party is going to lose to Senator Martinez. He suggests that Jarvis go be Martinez's running mate for a bipartisan ticket. That seems implausible. We're not told which party is which, but I think the implication is that Jarvis is Republican. That's mostly based on race, though, so I wouldn't be shocked to see a swerve later on that says that Martinez is the Republican one. Dempsey tells Jarvis that Martinez is idealistic, and that Jarvis will have to provide balance. People keep telling us that Martinez is weak and idealistic, but there hasn't been any actual evidence of that. He already threatened to kill a whole bunch of people, you know.

Back in the oval office, Martinez rules out Tony Todd. I have mixed feelings about that. I don't want Tony Todd to be the rat, because I like him. But that seems like the only way he'll be on the show some more. Sterling narrows it down to Jarvis, who made a scrambled call at 1:05. And they can't decrypt it because he was using a "proprietary algorithm." So this show thinks that Sean can crack any code with ten minutes and a landline, but the NSA is helpless in the face of a non-governmental code? Martinez is sad, because Jarvis was like family to him in the two years they were in their political marriage of convenience. Sterling is somewhat more cynical, saying that Jarvis couldn't have managed a big conspiracy like this, so someone else must have been pulling the strings.

Martinez is furious and wants Jarvis arrested, but Sterling points out that they covered up the assassination attempt. And they can't arrest someone for a crime they're pretending didn't exist. They don't have any problem locking people away in a mysterious prison in Alaska, but it's probably harder to pull that off when it's the Vice President. Sterling wants to employ a series of wiretaps, but Martinez is too proactive for that. He stomps down the hallway to confront Jarvis face-to-face. But Jarvis is gone! And Eva doesn't know where he is. Don't they have a Secret Service guy standing by who knows where all the important people are at all times?

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The Event




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