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Back-Alley Surgery

Back to Sean and Leila. The hostage doctor says that Sean needs an operation, which normally requires a hospital. Leila is willing to get supplies, but then she wants to go back to the doc's house for the operation. When they stop at a pharmacy (at night, if you're still interested in the timeline) the doctor wants Leila to stay with Sean, who isn't looking too good. But she doesn't trust him, so she leaves Sean in the back seat in a pool of blood. Leila keeps the gun under her jacket and stays very close to the doctor. He recommends going to the police, but she claims that nobody believes them. The only cops she's talked to were A) fake, and B) fairly friendly, actually. And there was Madeline, who believed everything she said. Ditto the hacker-dude. In fact, every single person Leila has talked to has believed everything she's said.

The guy behind the pharmacy counter (it's a good thing this drug store has a 24-hour pharmacy) asks what they want, and the doc lists off a bunch of stuff with which a guy could have a pretty good time in Vegas. It's a hugely suspicious list, but the pharmacist just makes a joke about how it sounds like the doctor's setting up an operating room in his house. Say, did you know that doctors can just walk in off the street with a list of drugs and supplies, and the drug store will just hand them over? Has anybody told House?

Two police officers enter the drug store and shop for beverages. Leila looks even shiftier than before and tells the doc not to do anything stupid. I'm not sure where she gets off telling other people not to do stupid stuff. The pharmacist brings $167.68 worth of stuff, which the hostage has to pay for. And then he's in a huge hurry, so he tells the pharmacist to "keep the change," which isn't suspicious at all. They split, avoiding the cops. When they get out to the car, Sean is no longer in the car. BUM BUM BUMMMM! Leila has no plan now.

Mr. Dempsey allows someone named Audra to pour him some tea. Vicky enters in the company of a goon who says he picked her up outside Houston. He's got a black eye, which I guess Vicky gave him. This is a crossover between the two plots, so I'm going to try to make sense out of the timelines. We last saw Vicky in Snyder, TX, and it was in the same episode where all the Avias Air passengers were sick. Since then, the Washington plot has advanced about one day, in which Sophia was released, Simon was trapped under a collapsing building, and Murphy was framed for being a mole. The Sean & Leila plot has moved from Snyder to Atlanta, and Sean got shot. And apparently Vicky went from Snyder to Houston (500 miles, about eight hours), got picked up, and then taken to Washington, DC. I don't know if they flew or drove, but either way seems like it has issues.

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