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Back-Alley Surgery

Jarvis calls his security detail from a back stairwell, and they run to go get him. Then he calls the Oval Office and says, "I'm coming to turn myself in. I don't know how much you've uncovered, but I've been involved in some very terrible things." He stammers a bit while Martinez yells at him. "I was manipulated by a very powerful man." An agent runs across the parking lot (I guess that service tunnel led to a different building from the one they had a perimeter around, although that doesn't explain how the agents knew what back stairwell to go to) to get Jarvis. Around this time, a van parks in the parking lot and a suspicious-looking bald man gets out and walks away quickly. Jarvis is still on the phone with Martinez as he walks past the van. His last words are "Eli... it... it was..." before the van explodes, probably killing him. Nice job, stupid. I wonder if the NSA will have the sense to check his phone records to see who he called earlier.

Mr. Dempsey sucks on herbal sweetener while he receives the news that they had to use the exploding van, and that Vicky didn't do the job. He should stop employing her. Then he looks at himself in a mirror and the reflection morphs until he looks like a young man. Then he looks like an old man again. This is probably related to the long life of the They, as well as the old-looking little girls. I guess.

Watch the episode below, and discuss it in our forums. Then see why we think this show is both ridiculous and awesome.

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