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Who the Heck Are These Guys?

Hey, it's Former President George W. Bush! Looks like this show is going to get a lot more relevant. No, wait, that was the previous show, when he was being interviewed for an hour. Ha ha! I pretended that it was part of this show instead of the end of a different show. I'm awesome. You're lucky to have me.

We actually open with Thomas and Sophia climbing out a grate a few blocks away from the collapsing building. This is the perfect time for Sophia to yell at Thomas about killing innocent people, although the innocent people in question were federal agents who were probably planning on shooting one or both of them. Someone named Aaron greets Sophia, so now we know another of Them. Aaron tells them that it's time to go. How long has it been since the last episode? The building in the background is practically still collapsing. And what about the radioactive isotopes? They're supposed to work for seven hours, so shouldn't the situation room have a red dot representing Sophia?

Back in the situation room, they've completely forgotten about either finding Thomas or following Sophia. After all, you can't expect these people to remember their Number One Priority for more than ten minutes at a time. Right now, they're more concerned with the 15-20 agents that were in the building when it collapsed. I guess that's actually pretty reasonable, although I think they could deal with two things at a time. President Martinez wants to know how this happened, so Sterling tells him about the mole. And all he knows is that it's someone on his hand-picked field team, which Martinez is not thrilled about. It turns out that the guy they sent out last episode was named Murphy, which doesn't do them much good now that no one's seen him since he went to go talk to Simon. But they've dug Simon out of the rubble, so maybe he'll have some insight into all this.

FOURTEEN YEARS EARLIER, in Langley, VA. Sterling has a girlfriend! Or possibly a wife! I don't know, to be honest with you! I know that she's a teacher of stupid, stupid seventh-graders, but I don't know her precise relationship with Sterling. That's because this show has no idea what information is important. For example, they spend some time making sure we know that they're drinking wine from a winery in Barcelona near where they broke down one time, and that it's been ten months (plus some specific number of days) since something happened, but they don't tell us what exactly that was. I wonder if it was an EVENT of some sort. She goes off to cook some risotto (which triggers flashbacks to Hell's Kitchen in the mind of your recapper) and Sterling gets a call. A mysterious man needs to talk to him. In person, not on the phone.

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The Event




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