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Who the Heck Are These Guys?

Modern times. Not the Charlie Chaplin movie. Sterling has gone to the Bio Quarantine facility so that he can sit next to Simon. He vows to wait "as long as it takes." Doesn't he have people who can be doing this for him? Surely he has other things that need to be taken care of. Like maybe he should notify the Washington Police Department to look for someone with Sophia's description. And I know it was a few episodes ago, but he did tell someone to go pick up Sean, and instead there have been multiple massacres of law enforcement agents. But I guess sitting next to a hospital bed is also important?

The people quarantined in the coffee shop are getting impatient and would like to go about their business. But we only see them briefly, because Murphy has regained consciousness and would like to be let out of the trunk. He shouts a bit and someone from the field team lets him out. He reports that Simon's the mole, and that he has to talk to Sterling. Maybe when Sterling's done sitting next to beds, pal. Wait your turn.

Enough of them. Off to the Buchanan place, where Leila is waving a gun at Madeline. She feels that aliens are an implausible story, and I'm surprised that the universe in which this show takes place has even created the concept of implausibility. If this is how things usually go, I'd expect these characters to not even understand the concept of cause and effect. Madeline insists that they not be called aliens, since her preferred term is "Eebie," which is how she pronounces EBE, "Extraterrestrial Biological Entity." I'm told a certain type of late-night talk show caller does, in fact, use the term "EBE," although I'm not sure they pronounce it "Eebie." By the way, if They are really aliens, doesn't it seem like a huge coincidence that they're only 1% different from humans?

Sean points out that Avias Air teleported across the country, which isn't really any more plausible than aliens. Madeline is excited to learn that Sean was on that flight, since she's heard about the assassination attempt. The one that happened maybe two days ago? I'm not at all clear on this show's timeline, but it can't have been more than a couple of days by the Washington storyline. Maybe a week for Sean, given all the driving. Anyway, Madeline knows a whole lot all of a sudden, so she tells Sean and Leila that one person has been behind everything that's happened to them, and it's been done "for their own mysterious reasons. Not political." Through all this, Leila is still pointing the gun at Madeline and acting unstable. Sean makes her stop, though, because he wants Madeline's help to look through Michael's files.

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