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Who the Heck Are These Guys?

Madeline has taken Leila and Sean to a building called "The Langham." There isn't a caption to tell us what part of the country we've been whisked away to. We were in Atlanta in the last scene, so I'm going to assume we're now in Minneapolis. It only makes sense, right? Madeline pushes the door buzzer several times until someone (bringing our Mysterious Man Count up to three) answers. He doesn't answer in person, of course; he's ensconced in a room somewhere behind multiple computer monitors. He doesn't want to let them in, but Leila brings up Samantha, and that's good enough to get them through the front door. When the mysterious man is in the same room as Sean, Leila and Madeline, he insists that they empty their pockets, because they're trackable. Or something. To the extent that he's talking about anything real, I think he's referring to RFID chips. Sean denies having anything like that, although he definitely has a mobile phone on him. It's kind of strange that a genius hacker would forget about his smartphone like that. Sean hands the notebook over to Mysterious Dude, who smugs at them about having "sources" in the Intelligence Community. And that means that he knows that Leila's father is being held by the government, although he thinks Samantha is probably dead. He clarifies that that's just a guess, which means he's just going out of his way to be unhelpful. Sean asks for "a few minutes on your system," because this show thinks if you put a superhacker on a computer, you can get away with anything.

Mr. Holbrook talks to a goon (I don't think it's Carter), who is now driving a van full of other goons. The goon reports that a neighbor of the Buchanans' identified Madeline Jackson, and that he has a pretty good idea where Sean and Leila are going. "We'll be there shortly," he promises, as his goons cock their weapons.

Waiting for the magical code-breaking computer to spit out their next plot-related destination, Sean and Leila chat. He tells her that Michael and Samantha are his family, too. Although he doesn't mention Mrs. Buchanan. Why would he? She's dead, and no one cares about dead people. Leila asks if Sean thinks Samantha is still alive, and he says he doesn't know. That was not a productive scene.

A van pulls up to a 24-hour gas station in Atlanta. There's a lot of business about a bag drop and it's hard to follow. The upshot is that a woman gets into a van (which may or may not be the same van) with a hypodermic needle. Samantha is in there, and she looks scared.

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The Event




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