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Scenes from a Mall

Leila is still sobbing about her dead father, the same way she was at the end of the last episode. Man, it's been thirty seconds. Get over it, lady. For all you know, your entire planet is doomed. Who knows, maybe your show will get cancelled. Even Sophia turns away from Leila in sadness. Carlos runs up and Sophia tells him it's not his fault. Well, it's at least partly his fault, because it was his job to be watching Leila back before she got jammed in with the aliens. And it was his job to watch Simon when Michael sprung him. You know what? This is totally Carlos's fault. Nice going, Carlos. It's probably your fault the show got cancelled, too.

Leila gets dragged away from her father's body so Sophia can tell her, "I've known your father longer than you can comprehend. You have no idea what I felt for him." Dr. Lu comes up and says a compound is missing, so I guess Michael got in there and stole it without anybody noticing. Leila is let go so she can sob by his body, and they pull her away again. Now that everyone realizes that Simon is loose with the antidote to President Martinez's coma, Sophia tells her people that Simon's a highly trained agent and that they'll never find him. So it's time to evacuate Alientown. Somewhere in there, they let Leila go back to sobbing next to her father, so they drag her away for a third time. I'm pretty sure they haven't really taken the time to search either Leila or Michael to see if they maybe have the counteragent on them. It was in a pretty small vial, and they haven't even rolled Michael over yet. I guess they were too busy letting Leila run back to him so they could drag her away again.

So that was fun. We now jump to President Martinez's room at the hospital, where Christina is on the phone to a little Martinez, saying that Daddy's still sleeping. I forget how old the First Children are, but if they're old enough to turn on the television, that lie isn't going to hold up. A doctor comes in and looks uncomfortable. She asks him what the next step is and he says they've done pretty much everything they can, so he'd really appreciate it if she'd decide it's okay to pull the plug on him already. He doesn't say that last part, but he leaves it pretty clearly unsaid, if you know what I mean. She's outraged that he's just going to give up, and he leaves her to her outrage.

Oval Office. Peel is presenting some "very good candidates" to Jarvis for Sterling's replacement. Peel gets snippy about how he doesn't want "very good candidates." He wants "the best." Peel points out that Blake Sterling is the best, and Jarvis fired him. That guy's the best? He hasn't done anything right since the series started. Anyway, Jarvis takes offense at this, because he has to pretend that he fired Sterling for going crazy. And, he says, Peel's defending Sterling just makes him suspect. Man, lighten up. Anyway, Jarvis gets a phone call from Sophia, so he has to hustle Peel out of his office. I'm surprised he has all this time to take personal calls. Sophia needs to tell Jarvis that Simon's loose with an antidote for the president, which sends Jarvis into some sort of panic attack. He now claims to have known this was a mistake all along. Sophia has no time for this nonsense and tells him to quit whining, because she doesn't have the resources to find Simon. Jarvis, however, is in charge of a massive intelligence community, plus he should probably be pretty motivated. Sophia specifies his motivation for the people who haven't been paying attention: if Jarvis plays ball, she'll spare the United States when she's killing enough people to make room for billions of aliens. Also, even without the incoming alien invasion, Jarvis needs her to keep quiet about his involvement in Martinez's stroke. She tells him he'll be put away for the rest of his life, which I think is the least of his worries. I don't know why the characters on this show keep glossing over the plan for killing billions of humans. Like, I would think that would be Sophia's priority, rather than worrying so much about whether she has direct control of the Oval Office. She's probably going to release the supervirus in the United States anyway, so why not just do it right now? Or, as I've said before, just move all her people out of the USA and make her plans in a country that isn't actively looking for them. Oh! And how come that courier needed to take a commercial flight from Moscow to New York? Even if they're not rich enough to get a private flight, that seemed like an important enough task that using their magical portals might have been in order.

In New York, I guess, since we last saw them at JFK, Vicky drives while Sean types on his laptop. Vicky wants to call the police and have them track down the car they're looking for, but Sean has decided there's no point in doing that. He's always pretty down on calling the police, but this time it isn't because he's a wanted fugitive; he just figures that whoever called off the WMD threat on the plane will call off whatever else they do. I guess he's right, but only if they insisted on making a WMD-level report. As I remember from the movie Hackers, Sean could just as easily make the car show up on other most-wanted lists that would result in it being pulled over without their mysterious top-level person knowing about it. Sean, however, has come up with a plan even more iffy than one based on Hackers. Which is impressive. He's established that they were using a rental car, and he claims that all rental cars from after a certain year have tracking chips in them. And he's somehow got a network signal, even though he's in a car that's cruising down the road, so I guess he's picked up a new way to access the internet without needing to stop off at a coffee shop the way he's always needed to do up to this point. Oh, and he recaps the Spanish Flu being incredibly deadly. And this is a particularly deadly strain that they're dealing with.

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