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Scenes from a Mall

Sophia, as is her wont, is striding around talking to her second-in-command. That used to be Thomas, then Simon, then Michael. Now it's Carlos, which is really scraping the bottom of the barrel. At least the other guys had shown flashes of some sort of personality or history at some point. Carlos seems to have been chosen just because he and Doctor Lu are the only two named aliens they have left. Except for Aaron, I guess, but he seems to be staying in Russia. Which I think is a good call. Stay away from these dopes and their stupid plan. When they moved from Alientown, they didn't just get a new Alientown like any sensible alien invasion with nigh-unlimited funds would have. They appear to have moved into a giant parking garage and are laying out cots. Great. Sophia stops by Doctor Lu's trailer for a status report, and Lu explains that she wants more data on the superflu before she releases it. People on the ship died too quickly to be a good test case. Oh, and she mentions that the aliens are immune to this flu, which is nice for them. Sophia has a plan for another field test. The two of them look at close-ups of dead people on Lu's computer.

Sterling is at home, engaging in his favorite hobby: chain-smoking. A noise makes him reach into a desk drawer for a pistol. Simon strolls into the house, and promptly has a gun pointed at him. Oh, I guess we're supposed to be surprised that it's Simon, because there's a reveal when he turns around. But it was pretty obvious that it was him the whole time. Sterling wants to shoot Simon, but Simon claims he's here to save Martinez's life. He split from Sophia when he realized how many people she was willing to murder. He doesn't bring Sterling up to speed on the killing-billions subplot, but I guess Sophia's killed a few people already.

Sterling takes Simon's gun and whines about how everything Simon ever told him was a lie. Simon claims to have been doing everything for the common good, and he believes there can be peace between their peoples. He hands the vial of antidote to Sterling, saying, "You can undo what they did to Martinez with this. Take it. What possible motive could I have other than saving his life?" Simon even offers to let Sterling shoot him. Sterling seems to believe him now and has both of them move away from the window, because there's a silver sedan across the street. They deduce that Jarvis knew Simon would go there, so he has Sterling under surveillance. I'm not sure how Simon knew Sterling would be at home, since he's presumably not even aware that he was fired. I guess it's a good thing for Jarvis that Simon didn't just go straight to the hospital, where (as we've seen in recent episodes) there was no security around the president's room at all.

Hey, guess who's in that car across the street? It's Simon's old partner! And he's dutifully taking pictures and telling his law enforcement buddies that they have a visual of Agent Lee inside the house. He's also being a little whiny about how he thought he knew his partner and all that stuff. Everyone hops out of cars and runs around in SWAT gear and takes up positions behind hedges, preparing to invade the house.

Vicky is still driving, and Sean reports that the car they're tailing has stopped ten miles away. But he can't say exactly where, because he needs to "cross-reference to a street map," which doesn't make any sense. What was he looking at before, then? Doesn't he know that Google Maps has a button that'll do that immediately? They pull into a mall parking lot and pass the car they're looking for. It's parked and empty. They crowbar the trunk open and don't find any lungs. However, there are blueprints for the mall, including details of the air circulation system. How convenient!

In the mall, Alexandra (the Russian flight attendant and alien courier) tells her bearded buddy (the one who showed up at the parking garage to give her a ride) to point all the security camera feeds to Sophia and then meet her on the roof. They split up. Up on the roof, she detaches a panel on one of those big metal air conditioning thingies and opens one of her lung cylinders. I think it's weird that they drove straight here from the flight, because if I were her, I'd be tired from having just been working an entire transatlantic flight. More than transatlantic, in fact, since they had to fly over most of Europe too.

The soldiers outside Sterling's house make their plans and take up positions. But just before they make their move, local police surround THEM! So there's Sterling's house, which is ringed by black-clad guys with machine guns, and now there's another ring outside that, made up of police cars. Simon's old partner yells at the police, "You guys are blowing a CIA operation!" Aw, man. That's rough for the cops, but they don't lower their guns. Simon's old partner tells them, "Check my left back pocket. We're on a covert op. At least, it was covert." Yeah, there's his identification. The cops explain that it was a 911 call and they stand down. The CIA is now free to invade. They do so! The house is empty now, and the guys who were guarding the back door are down. Yeah, that's embarrassing.

Jarvis yells at someone over the phone about how badly that went. Yeah, that'll happen. It would be nice to think it had something to do with the lack of a Director of National Security, but I don't think it did. Incidentally, remember how they blamed Pakistan for the Washington Monument blowing up? Do you think they're following up on that at all? It seems like they'd have to send some troops over there to hold up their cover story. Anyway, Jarvis then calls Sophia to admit that Agent Lee escaped. She's shocked that he failed: "With all the resources you have at your disposal, you can't find one man?" Well, he couldn't find you, remember? All those resources have been aimed at finding lots of people in the course of this series, and they've failed every single time. They even lost Simon when he was inside the White House itself. So I don't know what she's surprised about. Sophia says if Martinez recovers, their agreement is over and she'll no longer promise to spare US lives. What's she planning on telling him in an hour, after she's killed an entire mall full of Americans?

Sterling has stolen a car, and Lee says they need to hurry. They can't use Peel to get to the president, but maybe they can use the First Lady. But they know that Jarvis probably knows that, so they need to do something clever.

Christina returns to the hospital (I don't know where she's returning from, because I don't think we saw her leave) and soldiers stop her on her way in to the president's room. They tell her the Attorney General has issued an order that no one's allowed in, which I don't think is the sort of thing the Attorney General usually does. She's angry, obviously, and stalks off, calling someone to have them yell at that AG. Then she gets a call from Sterling, who says, "We have to talk, but we can't do it under these circumstances."

In the Oval Office, Jarvis is told that there was a 24-second call between the first lady and Sterling. But even though they were tracking both phones, the call was encrypted, so they don't know what was said. Jarvis, naturally, tells them to decrypt it, but it'll take a few hours. Jarvis tells Eva (that's his assistant, remember) to get him a position on the First Lady. Good luck with that; she's not even in the company of Secret Service agents most of the time. Unlike, say, Jarvis, who has repeatedly met with high-level aliens while being watched very closely.

Alexandra is still up on the roof of that mall, tinkering with stuff. Down in the mall itself, Sean and Vicky run in, in a giant hurry, and stop suddenly. Sean looks around in confusion while Vicky stares straight forward. I don't think either of them are looking for anything in particular, but I like the way that illustrates the difference in their characters. Sean's going to the roof and tells Vicky to evacuate everyone in the mall. Then they have this conversation, which I assume was automati

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