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Scenes from a Mall
cally added by the screenplay program: "Sean!" "What?" " careful."

Beardo is in the security room and there's a dead security guard on the floor. These guys never clean up their corpses, do they? When they invaded Inostranka, they just left those guys lying on the floor of the control room too. He calls Sophia to tell her she's routed into the security system and that Alex is on the roof. So right now, there's a direct connection between this mall and Sophia's super-secret parking garage. That seems like a flaw in their security.

Alex is, in fact, still on the roof. And she's got a device! Back inside, Vicky pulls the Fire Alarm, but nothing happens. Just like on Parks and Recreation and Community a few weeks ago! Fire alarms that don't work are the new television thing. She tells a nearby security officer that someone's about to release a bioweapon and he needs to evacuate the mall. He very reasonably asks, "How do you know all this?" He wants to contact his supervisor, so she grabs his gun and starts hustling him along. Up in the control room, Beardo sees "the man from Alex's flight" running through the halls and going toward the roof. Back at the Alien Garage, Sophia (also watching all the security monitors) recognizes him as Sean Walker. "And I think I know who told him Alex was on the plane." Beardo takes a gun and leaves the security control room.

Sean runs through hallways (as seen on those control monitors in the last paragraph) and reaches the roof. There are lots of metal things emitting steam. He sees a briefcase and Alex. He should shoot her, right? Just out with the gun and deal with this thing? Sure. But before he can, Beardo shoots at him from behind a corner. Bang! Bang! Duck! There are so many metal thingies on this roof that they're both pretty well hidden from each other the whole time. Alex asks what's going on, and Beardo tells her to keep working. That's pretty casual. "We're just having a gunfight over here. Keep working!"

Christina is stomping around, furious that she's being shut out from seeing her dying husband. Jarvis comes in and asks how Martinez is, and she reiterates her anger in case we didn't get it the first time. He says that he'll call the attorney general and clarify his order. Then he lowers his voice to seem more creepy and tells her, "Eli didn't have a stroke. He was poisoned." He blames Sterling and Simon, which is certainly worth a try. Might as well mix things up a bit, right? He promises to show her the evidence later, which I personally don't find all that convincing. He tells her that Sterling and Simon might try again, and she tells him that she know he was involved in that whole Coral Gables situation. Jarvis now claims that wasn't him either. She says that the last time she saw Blake, he was weird and evasive at Elias's bed. That was when he told her that nothing she did could have affected his sickness. Jarvis says he has no idea where Sterling and Simon are. Christina, however, says that she does! "Blake called me today. He asked me to meet him in secret." Where? At a warehouse on South Kendall Street. Jarvis promises to do everything to find them and stop them.

This rooftop shootout is boring. It's kind of going on and on and no one's getting shot. They just keep leaning around corners and shooting without hitting anyone. I've seen first graders have more productive shootouts.

Leila is now restrained in the back of a van. Because they no longer have houses with beds in them. Sophia comes in to say that when she looks at Leila, she sees Michael. That's weird, because they look absolutely nothing alike. Sophia claims that she doesn't want to hurt anyone; she's just trying to save her family. Surely Leila can identify with that? Well, Leila's family is all dead now, except for Samantha, who has been completely forgotten about. She's probably been kidnapped again by the remains of the Hal Holbrook conspiracy. Leila denies having told Sean anything, so Sophia shoves her a little. Leila tells her to go to hell. Sophia now goes with her usual tactic of blaming other people for her own terrorism: "By involving Sean in this, you've ensured his death. Same way you did with your father. Their blood's on your hands." She loves that move, doesn't she?

Rooftop shootout! Rooftop shootout! Everybody do the rooftop shootout! That's a song I'm writing about this rooftop shootout. It's going to need some dance moves, I think. Something about leaning one way and then another. For a long, long time.

Vicky and her hostage security guard finally get to the Security Control Room and see that other guard lying on the ground. The guard who's alive goes over to push the "Evacuate the Mall" button, but he warns that it'll probably take 20-25 minutes. She asks if there's a way to shut off the air circulation system, and he says there is! But he doesn't know how to do it. Too bad she didn't bring along that blueprint with all the air duct information!

Down in the mall, people leave in an orderly fashion.

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