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Scenes from a Mall

The rooftop shootout continues to be boring. Beardo runs out of bullets, so he reloads his gun. Sean also runs out, but he has no more ammunition. So he sneaks around behind Beardo and whops him over the head with his pistol. They fight! This time, the fight takes the form of rolling around on the roof. Downstairs, Vicky yells at people to hurry up and runs up to the roof. Alex finally sets the countdown timer on her doohickey to "3:00" and runs off. Vicky sees Sean and Beardo struggling. Beardo gets his gun pointed at Sean's chest, and there's a gunshot! Obviously, Sean wasn't shot. Vicky killed Beardo. Sean and Vicky establish that Alexis is gone, but her beeping countdown thing is at 2:46 already. Sean says, "Looks like a pressurized tank that's connected to the air recirculating system." Oh, sure. One of those.

Sterling and Simon drive up to a warehouse. Simon gets out and walks up to the big doors so he can drive the car inside. The warehouse is empty. In the Situation Room, that one general shows the warehouse to Jarvis via the magic of real-time satellite feeds. Peel is skeptical that Jarvis really has information about this, especially because Jarvis won't tell him who Sterling and Simon are meeting with. He tells the tactical team to stand down, which I guess means there was a tactical team down there. He's coordinating directly with the Air Force, which I'm surprised no one else in the room knew about. He's going to use a Predator Drone. Ripped from today's headlines! He announces that they're a country at war and that these men are traitors. I guess he forgot already that he said last episode that the country is no longer at war with the aliens. Oh, and that thing about people deserving a trial. The general refuses to condone blowing up the warehouse, and Jarvis tells him he can get the hell out. He does! The drone is in position. Peel says that this is an assassination. Jarvis tells the Air Force to fire when ready.

P-chow! The warehouse blows up. According to this wide shot, there are palm trees next to it. Last time I was in Washington, DC, there weren't a lot of palm trees.

A message is relayed to Jarvis: "Direct hit, sir. The targets have been eliminated." What? They don't know that! They only know the warehouse blew up. Jarvis, for once, is on top of things, telling them to get in there among the burning rubble and verify the kills.

Alex strolls out of the mall. There are still a lot of people leaving, which I think shows a distressing lack of urgency on their part. She gets onto a convenient bus and reaches into her bag.

The countdown is down to 1:33. Sean panics about how to stop it and Vicky snarks at him about how he's supposed to be a genius hacker. He points out that he does computers, not whatever this is. He mumbles about transducers and pulls a thing out of the device. It's down to 1:04, then :53. He wants to disrupt the power. But, he explains, if he pulls the wrong wire something bad could happen. Thanks for that. I'm sure no one in the audience has ever seen a scene where there's a ticking clock and the hero has to decide what wire to cut. He tells Vicky to go. 0:20. She tells him, "I'm not going anywhere. Just think. There's gotta be something else that will disrupt the power." He pulls out his gun and shoots the machine several times. "Sorry about that. I panicked." "It worked." Yeah, and that's pretty surprising, considering that his gun was empty before. Maybe he ended up with Beardo's gun somehow. Anyway, this was an excruciatingly clich├ęd scene, but at least the clock stopped at 0:03 instead of 0:01. They search Beardo, get a passport or something from his pockets, then leave. I guess they're assuming the security guard will call the police.

Sophia thanks Alex, who is sitting on the bus. And the bus is in the Alien Garage. Alex says that the plan to poison the mall was foiled, but Sophia doesn't blame her. Because they had a backup plan, in which Alex poisoned the people on the bus and recorded some video of them dying, so now Doctor Lu has something to work with. I guess we should assume the bus driver was an alien? Sure. Oh, and that none of the people who were dying had any cell phones or other things that could lead the police to this location.

Doctor Lu feels that the virus kills too quickly to spread efficiently, but she's got a way to slow down the virus. See, every time a virus jumps into something new, it mutates. So that somehow means that she wants to infect a "bridge species," whose DNA lies somewhere between humans and aliens. I have some objections to this plan, but I'll bring them up a little later. Why don't you try to guess what they are?

Christina asks her Secret Service minders for a minute alone in the hospital gift shop. She carries some flowers up to her husband's floor. She's a little snippy as she says, "I was told I'm able to see my husband now?" and the guard shows admirable restraint by just saying, "Yes, ma'am. That order's been lifted by order of the President." That basically translates as, "I'm just following orders, lady." She carries the flowers in. The doctor says that Martinez's last EEG showed no signs of high-functioning brain activity. She looks him in the eye and says, "I refuse to believe that." He tries to push it, and she firmly refuses. He leaves and she pulls the curtains so no one can see her in there.

In the wreckage of the warehouse, there's a burning car in a crater. Soldiers find a trap door, which leads to a shaft. Jarvis gets the news via phone and asks, "What do you mean, no bodies?" The conclusion on the ground is, they're long gone." YUP. That's what you get for deciding to wait until the car was completely obscured before firing a missile. There were any number of ways to attack them before they got to their trap door.

An anonymous tech guy enters the Oval Office to report that they've decrypted that phone conversation from before. Jarvis hears Sterling tell Christina to go across the street to a pay phone. Then he says, "Christina, you have to trust me. Jarvis is behind everything that's happened to your husband. But I have a way to save him." That agent probably feels a little awkward about standing there while playing Jarvis an allegation that he tried to kill President Martinez. I hope, unlike Sterling, he had the sense to make a copy before bringing the accusation of treason directly to the person who's being accused. Jarvis realizes the warehouse was a diversion. How could he be diverted? He controls the entire intelligence and security powers of the country; surely he could send some people to the warehouse but still guard Martinez just in case, right? I guess he could have, but he didn't.

Christina stands next to her husband. We flash back like two minutes to when she was in the gift shop. Simon was the gift shop employee who sold her the flowers! See, I'm pretty sure he could have just snuck directly into Martinez's room if he'd really wanted to. Christina takes a hypodermic needle out of the flowers and speaks a prayer in Spanish as she injects him. Then she kisses him and strokes his face. He doesn't react right away.

Leila is strapped down to a hospital bed. She freaks out about "What is that?" and Sophia lectures her about this being a particular strain of Spanish Flu that turned entire cities into graveyards overnight. "And now you, a hybrid, a bridge between our people. You're gonna help us spread it." Lu dabs it into Leila's nostril. Ew!

Okay, so they have a super-deadly disease that affect humans, but not aliens. And their plan is to put it into someone who's half-human and half-alien in the hope that it mutates the disease to make it slightly less deadly, but still extremely infectious? It seems like a more likely result is that Leila is now able to transmit the flu to aliens, right? Like, if you had a flu that could only be caught by birds, and then gave it to a half-bird, half-human monster, wouldn't that be the first step for some kind of "bird flu"? This is a terrible plan. They should have just chopped up the lungs and spread them across the world and waited for people to start dying. I'm surprised I have to be the one who thinks of everything for these idiots. The way they're going, I wouldn't be surprised if their show got cancelled before they even killed a million people.

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