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Sophia walks through a city square that's full of dead people and crashed cars. I can't swear to this but, I think it's the city square location that was used in Back to the Future. Oh, except that that burned down in the Universal Studios fire. I'm off to a bad start here. Just like the episode! Damn, I just think I burned this show so hard, it got cancelled. Sophia wanders around and calls out, "Hello?" a lot. This is clearly a dream sequence, because if it were real, that would imply that something had actually happened. I find it annoying that this was in the "Next Week" thing last week, because I think it's cheating. Sophia eventually finds a car with a bloody zombie-looking girl in it. She's not really a zombie; I've just been programmed by popular culture to always think someone's a zombie when they're covered in pancake makeup and stage blood. The girl's contribution to this scene is to beg for help and ask if Sophia's the doctor. She isn't. The girl's mother told her to wait there until she got back. She asks, in a generically plaintive tone, why her sick brother won't wake up. Kid, open your eyes. There are like twenty dead bodies in clear view of your car. I know death is confusing, but you should have figured out the concept at some point during the apocalypse which apparently befell this picturesque city square. She starts shouting "It's your fault!" at Sophia.

Sophia wakes up, of course. Maybe she had a bad dream because she was sleeping on one of those cots. Most of the other cots are empty, so I think she's sleeping in the middle of the day. And now that she's awake, it's time to check in on the Genocide Plan. Doctor Lu reports that injecting their special Spanish Flu virus into Leila caused it to mutate in exactly the way they wanted. So it's still very deadly, but it takes a little bit longer, allowing it to be transmitted before the host dies. Now, the virus changed dramatically when they injected into Leila, because she's only half-human. Doesn't that mean it's going to change again when they take the version from Leila and reinfect humans with it? Oh, never mind. I'm sure the alien doctor is a supergenius who can exactly predict how viruses mutate. And sidelines as an acupuncturist. The official word is that this flu will kill 25% of the human population after two weeks and 98% after five weeks. Sophia thinks that's too many, because she only wants to kill enough humans to make room for her people. Well, if everyone's okay sleeping in cots laid out in a warehouse like this, you need a lot less room than I thought. But she doesn't object strongly enough to change the plan or anything. She's willing to say "This goes against everything we believe in," but she's still approving it.

Enough of the Alien Garage. Let's go to the hospital, which is a slightly less depressing location. Christina Martinez is on the phone to an assistant when the president's machines start beeping. I believe there's a machine that goes "Ping!" in there. She exults, saying that he's getting better. The doctor doubts this, saying that it's probably just random activity in the brain. No, Christina's positive that he's going to be perfectly well now, no matter how long his brain death has been going on.

Okay, back to the garage. Carlos tells Sophia that they're ready to bring their people through the portal in Tibet. No matter how big the portal is, it's going to take some time to march a few billion people through there, right? Gerard (the guy in Tibet who's watching over the portal operation) is a little concerned that they might be detected by NSA satellites when they open up their hole in the universe. So Sophia gets on the phone to Jarvis so she can order him to redirect NSA satellite E3175. I think it's weird that they know the precise location and number of everything the NSA is doing but still needed to orchestrate a presidential assassination to get some control over things. Jarvis tells her that Martinez is probably going to recover, which could well ruin everything. Jarvis says that he'll only monkey with the satellite if she promises to spare the American people. Sophia gives her word and hangs up. Carlos points out that Jarvis will probably realize he's been duped right around the time the first giant swath of Americans dies, but Sophia thinks that'll be too late. I know I've suggested this before, but I think things would go easier for her if she actually kept to her deal. Just wipe out, say, Asia. There's no need to be greedy about this.

Sterling and Simon meet in an empty bar. That's a nice, picturesque place for ex-spies to meet in, right? Sterling brings Simon up to speed about all the things that have happened to Martinez and Jarvis, and Sterling tells Simon about how a team was sent to Siberia to look for something. Sterling tells him about that guy who was working on ice core samples, and also the Russian passenger plane that briefly had a military escort. They basically spend a few minutes telling each other all the stuff that's been happening on the show. This is finally interrupted by a news report about a terror attack being foiled at a local mall. Conveniently enough, the report includes a picture of Beardo being carted off, and Simon recognizes him as one of Sophia's people.

Sean's driving while Vicky looks through the wallet they took off Beardo's body. She thinks maybe the address on the driver's license might be worth looking into, but Sean's a huge jerk about it. He thinks this is the stupidest thing he's ever heard. Surely the license is fake or the address is fake. Or something. He doesn't have an alternate suggestion because he's too busy shouting at her about how there's no way any of Beardo's information is legit. I'm not sure where he's driving to if he doesn't want to go anywhere.

Vicky wins the argument and they arrive at what appears to be some kind of textile factory. They run inside and start demanding of random people whether they know Beardo. They don't. I don't think they speak English. They split up and pull out their guns. Sean sneaks up some stairs. So does Vicky. They find a bunch of barrels. And also Simon! He grabs Vicky from behind and holds his gun to her head. Sterling's there too, so Sean can hold a gun to his head. So Sean's got Sterling and Simon's got Vicky. They shout about "Drop it!" "No, you drop it!" As you do. There's lots of posturing. Eventually, Sean recognizes Simon, although I'm not sure from where. Sean met Sophia and Michael, but I thought that was it. Then Vicky recognizes Sterling, which is much more reasonable. Both Simon and Sterling say they're not in the position they're recognized for ("with Sophia's people" and "director of National Security") anymore. Sean gives his name, and Sterling recognizes him as the guy from the Coral Gables plane. Sure, I remember the scene where Sterling learned Sean's name. He told a flunky to go pick Sean up, then immediately forgot about it. Sean and Vicky tell Simon and Sterling that they're the ones who stopped the mall attack and generally share some of the plot-relevant information that they know. Simon finally stops pointing a gun at Vicky and everyone accepts that they're on the same side. Yay! Team-up episode! I'm excited about this because I'm pretty sick of the Sean-Vicky dynamic and I'm looking forward to them having other people to talk to for a change.

Doctor Lu and her assistant monitor Leila. She's kind of doped up, because they're using her as a Virus Incubator. She's generating deadly mucus or something. Leila complains about her entire species being exterminated, and Lu says she's just taking back what's rightfully theirs. "Your father should have told you. We were here first." Yes, her father should have told her that. But since you don't have anything else to do, maybe you could tell her? No? Just going to drop some cryptic clues and move on? Okay, then. Just thought I'd ask.

Sophia has one of those meetings she loves, where she lectures a bunch of her people. She explains that they're going to deliver the virus via three

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